Monday, February 05, 2007

weekend review

Weekend review!   I write this probably so when I need to remember what I did xyz weekend I can look back on my blog.   Most of this is old news as half the readers were there and the other 45% I called... So for future refrence and Janis at Gone South and 8K my weekend review;


Friday was fun, T&K  had their first house cleaning with the lady a work friend recommended to me and the house looked great.   Today I had my meeting with her to go over stuff and she seems like a cool person, totally trustworthy and very efficient.  Friday night Lars was 'on duty' meaning he really didn't help get ready for the event and that put me in a sorta bad mood especially since he sprung the fact that we were staying for the feast so I had to go find dishes too.   Anyway, he did end up helping and we really didn't need to pack too much since it was only a day event.


Saturday we woke up way too early for a weekend and drove to the event 3 hours away.  The directions stopped on Butts ave and we drove up and down the street looking for the site and were more or less lost for 20 min.  There were no signs and you had to drive through an apparently abandoned fairground to get to the site.   Once we were there it was a fun day, I just sat and talked and held friends babies and even the feast turned out ok.  One of the guys found an outback for us to order from and that sounded like a great idea since the feast was sold out BUT the place way 50 miles away so in a day when we drove 200 miles to the event, I went an extra 100 to get dinner.   I volunteered to go because one of the guys was supposed to get an award and though I didn't want to miss it, he is usually the guy who will run and get whatever you need so I had to say I was doing it so he would be there.   The discussion the guys wanted to stay for worked out well, I think people learned some stuff even.  The drive home was easy, mostly because I fell asleep, and we were in our own bed by 1am (so Lars was really speeding because that is a half hour earlier then we should have been there plus we dropped Josh off)


Sunday was supposed to be crown molding day.  Jenny did come over to help and we did buy the molding and we were all set to go but we tried to cope and we suck at it.   We decided to practice this week and try again next weekend.  While cleaning the walls (we are going to paint too) we noticed the terrible job the previous owners did with calking the tub.   It has been bad for a while but close inspection showed that it is getting close to failure so we gouged it out.  I love that Lars never questions us when we bring butter knives, razer blades, box cutters and paint scrapers into the bathroom.   Jenny had to leave but I finished scraping out the gobs and gobs of gunk and patched the parts that were really bad.  Tonight I'll do the nice neat bead that goes around the top, I even got the tool to do it... the last people look like they used just the calk gun and hoped for the best.   I know we said we were going to only do the bathroom if we messed up the down down stairs room but when we started looking at the ceiling down there it was too complicated because parts slope etc.   I can feel plenty of muscles I over used yesterday because balancing on the edge of the tub and scraping is like Pilates for real life.


This week will be busy, tomorrow I have an all day conference that starts at 7am and goes through dinner.   Wednesday I have to get homework done and hopefully get the normal stuff done, Thursday  class and normal Friday.  Like I said in the beginning, today I met with a cleaning lady, I just can't keep dedicating all my time to cleaning and never getting anywhere anyway.   I'll still have to clean and do laundry etc but I won't have to worry about the bathrooms or the floors or dusting and that will free up time.  This is something I have wanted for a long time and I'm glad we can do it finally.  Hopefully everyone else had good weekends too!

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Salli Weston, said...

Congrats on the cleaning lady, I'm jealous.