Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yesterday was a doozie.  First, it is super sub zero here, a fact that I don't really like to acknowledge but it has been below 0 for days now.   I really do have better things to talk about then the weather but this deep freeze is effecting my decisions about leaving the house so it is worth mentioning.   Somehow our power is out at the house is out, I suppose at some point electricity freezes but hopefully it will be on again by the time I get home. 


Anyway, the cold drove me to see if anyone wanted to carpool to our yearly seminar my entire group was at yesterday.   I got a ride with a good group and they even picked me up at my house since it really is in an easy spot.  They were worried about finding the house at 6am in the dark so I told them I would put the Christmas lights on.   They said it was VERY easy to spot the only house with lights so the day started well.  It snowed yesterday morning so the drive was slow but uneventful.   The conference was very similar to the two years I've been before but this year I had a very excellent muffin for breakfast.  They took the opportunity to also have a group dinner and so I didn't get home until 8:30 and my brain was overloaded with slides and plans and reviews of the year.   I got home to a silent dark house because Lars went to the baronial practice so I did the monthly bills and opened an ING account so we are now grownups with a savings account.   I exercised and then intended to paint the bathroom but found that all the brushes I own are in hiding so I really couldn't do much with out them so I got brushes today at lunch and will get it done tonight (by candle light if necessary!)


I also got my text book in the mail.... unfortunately, the mailman thought it would be a good idea to bend the hard cover text until it fit into the mailbox.   It looks pretty getto right now, it is usable but ugly.  I called in to complain but I'm sure they won't do anything.   The claim process requires you to give them the damaged item and I need the book for class so I'm stuck.   I'll still see what I can do but I'm glad to have it to do my homework tonight.   Last weeks class was annoying because the teacher was a super dweeb.  I should not expect high humor or entertainment from someone who does Stats as a profession but I DO expect them to have a lesson plan.   This guy had not even looked at the powerpoint that came with the book and disagreed with half of what it said.  He was a bumbling idiot for the first half and kept jumping from topic to topic and never really explained anything.   Someone finally stopped his rambling and asked what we needed to know about the current topic and how it tied into the next lesson...  he got on track somewhere in the last hour and I'll reserve judgment on if he is a waste of air or not until after this class.....    I don't think he is worth the 2k I'm paying for the class but it is a prerequisite for all the other classes I need in the future.  His one redeeming quality was that he wants to make sure we all really know what we are doing and won't move on until he feels we are good, he didn't care how far we get in the course so that makes me feel a little better that he won't loose us all in his rambling.


The cold outside is invading the office I'm in so I think I'll go walk around a bit and warm up.   Hopefully everyone else is doing well and keeping un frozen.

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