Monday, May 07, 2007


For the first time in ages, the house was actually clean all week and into the weekend so I didn’t have to spend any time cleaning. We had the cleaning ladies on Tuesday so we cleaned for them and then the appraiser came on Thursday so we cleaned again for him and hopefully he was impressed enough to think the house is worth what we want it to be worth (higher is ok too). We should know that hopefully today sometime and provided all went well we can finish the house thing. I spent a frustrating week dealing with the realtor and he really should retire or quit or just go away because he is so bad he disgraces Realtors everywhere. He only works from 3-6 and he never checks hi e-mail and he is likely to call random contact numbers, never the one you are at, and he thinks that replying to Lars’s e-mail was answering me…. He is a moron. It has been fun getting him to actually do any work on this deal but at least the end is in sight.

This weekend was very very productive. I spent Sat sewing tents and a nice evening hanging out. Sunday I had a friends two sons come over to help with yard work and between 10am and 3:30pm we washed all the decks and patios, raked and bagged all the leaves in the hedge, cleaned the entire garage, took down some fence, pulled out and set up all the patio furniture, and painted a bench. They were great kids to work with I got three weekends worth of work done in one. I was wiped out Sunday night so we ate dinner and watched TV and here I am on Monday again.

This week is pretty open at work, no travel or big events. Hopefully it will stay quiet so I can get all the little things done. I have my final exam on Thursday but I’m not too worried because he put the entire exam up on the overhead and we went over all the problems. I have to do my Who’s Who for Crown but I got most of it done this weekend.

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