Thursday, May 03, 2007

I can’t believe it is Thursday already!

This week has flown, all my normal blog writing time has been taken up by house buying activities. We are at an agreement finally, no thanks to the greedy and dumb realtor. I’m sure the seller, who I’ve spoken to many times, is kicking himself for going to an agent on this since he basically had a buyer already and these guys are a real stupid pair that have delayed the deal over a week. I don’t have time to go into the idiocy that has ensued…

On the flip side of the same project, we are getting our house appraised today and we are crossing our fingers for a good appraisal. Yesterday I mowed and killed all the dandelions and the cleaning ladies came this Tuesday so the house is clean and tidy. I did an extra clean yesterday because they are coming inside to do measurements etc. I wish I got all the patio stuff set up but I didn’t have time and I doubt it will matter much.

Tonight is my second to last stats class. We are turning in our paper and I think we will get a really good grade since we turned it in last week for ‘review’ and we fixed every thing he commented on. I asked how my homework grade is and he said that I’m getting an A on that so hopefully I’ll have two A’s, a B and then the final that provided I don’t bomb it I should get an A-. Tonight he says he is basically going over every question on the exam so I’m going to take good notes and just memorize what I need to know, he better be right about what is on the exam this time, he did not do too good a job on the midterm prep…

This weekend I am sewing tents on Sat and I’ve hired a friends two sons to help with general yard work. This should give me a good start on a nice yard for the party at the end of June. I really have to get invitations out for that, maybe Monday.

Ok, today we are doing a mentor day for all the kids in the program and I have to go help set up.

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