Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Tuesday night

I am down to 4 stamps needed when paying bills! Everything else is on auto pay or I can pay online. Don't worry mom, the only things on auto pay are insurance and non changing payments so I really do look at all my bills every month to make sure there are no surprises.

Right now Lars is mowing the lawn and it is way easier now that we took down a big section of fence. My next house project is getting the down down stairs (4 level split) put together. Right now it is the junk and kitty litter room and since it is right next to our new patio it needs to be a bit nicer. The pro's to the room are that it has a big closet and is one of the larger regular sized rooms in the house. It also has french doors to the patio. The cons are it does not have a door to the house (just a doorway of odd irregular size), it has a concrete floor, and the foundation wall weeps every so often. I was sold on cork flooring for ages but I've read that it does not stand up to wet too well. I'm thinking maybe pergo from Ikea since millions of people walk on it there and it cleans up nicely it is a possiblity. There is also vinyl, it looks really nice and has a bit of cushin to it but it is the same price as hardwood... I want to move all the garb into that one large closet but that is a longer term project. It just needs to be presentable for the party in a few months.

Lars is done mowing, time to go ride bikes for a little bit~

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