Friday, June 01, 2007

Bye Bye

Yesterday I sat down and looked for alternative sites for my blog. I choose blogger for no particular reason other then a friend used it and it was easy, I didn’t really even look into the other options. I have decided to move to wordpress. There I can have most of my posts public but I can put a password on ones I don’t want the world to see or have the wrong person stumble across one day. It has some nice features, integrated stat counter, some cool templates, and the ability to truncate posts or keep them on ‘top’, all things I missed on blogger. It has some not so great features like upload limits on pictures, the inability to change the template code, and an inferior ‘widgit’ mover but I think I am trading up.

So without further adu, my new address is

Mom and aunts, please change your bookmarks. I’ll be updated all the reference points I can remember with the new site so my LJ friends can still click there and Mrs Gone South, Mike, and 8K; I’ll e-mail this to you to update your link to me. I’ll be experimenting with the password stuff, all of you are invited I am only doing the locking thing to keep the casual passer by out of certain topics. E-Mail me if you want the password, .

Adios Blogger! It’s been fun