Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Yesterday I spent 10 hours in a car for a 3 hour meeting.  Luckely, I didn't really have to drive because the other person really likes to and I brought Dan Brown's Deception Point on cd so we were entertained for about 8 of the 10 hours.  The meeting went well but I didn't get much other work done yesterday.  Today I'm in the offsite office and I usually get a lot done here but I had a massive meeting that was quite productive and then a (completely unrelated) conversation with someone that was a lot like banging my head into a wall and I don't think anything I said got through.  Now I'm fairly frustrated and not only do I need to do my normal job but I have to do this other persons too.  Atleast I got through yesterdays stuff fairly easily so I'm up to date in that respect.


Today I just have a general anxious feeling, there is a big snow storm coming, I'm trying to pack and study and spend time with Lars and things just get compacted.  I know everything will work out really, I think I just need to work out and/or take a nap, I'm not sure what will make me feel better.  The cleaning team came yesterday so atleast I don't have to clean anything tonight and I can enjoy the clean for a few days.  They reconditioned our wood floor and it looks really nice, I like the work they do especially because I don't have to do it.  They do make fun of Roomba, their Dyson laughs at it.  Little do they know that even if I had a Dyson, Dysons don't clean by themselves so I'll take the less powerful roomba and have questionably clean corners but not have to actually operate the vacuum other then push a button and empty him.


Well I better get going home and finish packing.  I got all but a few shirts and a pair of shoes packed for what I think I need for clothing and it all fits in the carryon so far.  I still need to pack all the not clothing things like tooth brush, vitamins, business cards, gifts for the people we meet (extra large Hershey bars) etc but I still have a little carry on space and my backpack to go.

Monday, February 26, 2007


My blog is not updating via my normal method so this is a test so see if it works now...
I've planned out my afternoon of errands for China, hope I get it all done today because I'm running out of days!
Apparently my Friday post never posted, I don't know what happens but I really did not say too much anyway. This weekend was fun in a surreal sort of way; Friday K gave me a huge pile of maternity clothes and baby clothes because she wants them out of the house and I'm 'next' in line. This was a big surprise but hey, don't look a gift horse in the mouth so I need to find a home for all this (currently unnecessary) stuff. We hung out with T&K for longer then usual and didn't get home until late so I got up early to do the buttonholes, I ended up putting 10 on each side and they came out ok – I packed for the event that I considered extremely important to go to because I promised the person the outfit is for I would deliver it there and even with a foot plus of snow predicted I woke up Lars and we went to the event around 10. Friends got into a minor car accident on the way to this event, they are fine, but the roads were nasty to drive on. The event was more tiny then usual because of the weather and lots of people didn't make it but those who did had a good time and I found transport for the outfit so by now it should be in his hands. I really would have liked to see if it fit right but I sent the extra fabric and if it needs modifications they can be done. The event was shortened due to weather so by 4 we were on our way home. The roads were still drivable but Lars was more of less white knuckle driving so we decided to skip any of the after gatherings and get home while we still could. Once we got home I shoveled for a while and we more or less had a complete extra day because we both just stayed up so late watching movies and looking at the snow. Sunday it was still snowing so we gave the driveway another shoveling (I'll upload pictures later) and I am pretty glad we only get one major snow a year because today my arms and back really feel the workout.

The temp is just below freezing so it wasn't too bad being outside and the cats kept wanting to go out. We threw Mr.Pink out the back door into a massive snow drift because he was begging to go out so badly – after that he really did not want to be outside anymore. \n Jingles ran out the front door and ran around for a while and we ended up going to look for her because she was out for a long time and it is really easy to track a cat in the snow. \n She had gotten herself kinda trapped because she could not get to the back door due to huge drifts so she was confused (she still does not understand that doors work both ways and will only go in the back door). \n We stayed up late watching TV and doing a puzzle and generally spending time together since I'll be gone next week. I'm actually traveling tomorrow too and with Lars's practice schedule and my school on Thursday last night was the last full night available before I leave.

I still have not given too much thought to packing, given current liquid regulations I'm not sure how I'm going to get contact solution to China. \nMy current solution is to fill a bunch of contact cases with solution unless I can find one tonight with under 3oz in a bottle. I plan on shopping for little things today, granola etc, but I can't bring much since I'm going to fit all 10 days into carry on luggage. \n I'm still not as excited as I hoped I would be, probably because it really will be work, but the weekend we have free in Shanghai should make up for it. \n I'll take a ton of pictures and if the internet is good there I'll post.

That is about it for now, looking at another busy week but it should be fun.

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Bev and I this weekend

Better late then never - this is Bev and I using the old 'hold the camera at arms length' technique and I think it turned out really well. In the background is the trail that was made on an old railroad bed that is nicely paved and runs from the cities all the way up to Duluth and Lars and I ride bikes on it all summer.
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Wednesday, February 21, 2007

TV Research;


New Adventures of Old Christine is coming back – next episode March 12th;

Project at 95%

I am almost done with the outfit!  I did the hem, neck detail, hand sewing on the sleeves, so all I have left is button holes.  I'm torn between wanting to get it done and knowing that doing button holes on my machine usually  results in some problem or another. The obvious alternative is hand made button holes.   Can I just use regular thread for that?  Or do I use floss?  I'm leaning that way since I only need to do 6 or 8.  I was looking for larger buttons so that they are easier to do with gloves on but Jo-Anns is devoid of useful buttons in general – I don't think he would appreciate cutsie hearts or flower buttons.   Anyway, I got Lars to try it on and it fits him so it should fit Ambrose (I hope), the chest was tight and the arms were long but since he is about 6 inches taller then Lars and not as build I think it will work out.  


After sewing I ate dinner and fell asleep – then I woke up again and saw it was only 10:30 so I watched the Apprentice and it was ok but I think the show is getting old.   I still like the premise and sometimes  the tasks are really good but mostly it is a formula.  I miss Project Runway and I'm not sure they are doing a season this year because the hostess is having a baby.  They also seem to have canceled the new adventures of old Christine, I don't see any upcoming episodes.  I'll have to do some research on the shows so I know for sure....


Ok, time to get to work, my e-mails are creeping up over 100 again, I must battle them back.

Thursday, February 15, 2007

post Vday

Yesterday was a long day.  Work was crazy with lots of driving and lots of running around but it was good I was there.   I did get a little something for Lars at WalMart and he and his guy friends all went to Macy's together and got all the wives chocolate.  Lars got us an assortment of truffles and me a small box of dark chocolate and there is enough to last a month.   We did not end up having a movie night, our friend Timmy came over for dinner and then we went to the neighbors for games and ended up staying until midnight.   I got about half my homework done but I have more to do at lunch today, I needed my work computer to actually do the graphs and it is a huge pain because yet again, bobble head didn't tell us how to do the graph he wants.  


Today will be a very long day and it seems to be going by pretty slowly because I thought it was noon and it is only 10:30.   I suppose that means I have a lot accomplished today but sometimes I wonder if the passing of time is constant or not. 


I took a look at my stat counter and I am up to 26 or so visitors roughly a day!  I'm not sure who everyone is but it is fun to guess based on IP address.  Anyone who wants to reveal their identity e-mail me at , the people I can figure out are; G1, G2, HRM, 8k, Mom/Dad, GoneSouth, E-kat (occasionally), Mike80's, Petranella and that is all I can figure out based on location or origination page.  I'm happy to have anyone visit J


I am up to 96 e-mails so I need to go battle it down to the 50 range....

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!


I will spend the day running around to 2 different location for Work and hitting WalMart on the way to or from somewhere.  


Yesterday I got home and the house was CLEAN!  I did notice a few spots she missed but if she misses them again next time I'll point them out, this time she probably had her hands full cleaning overall.   Lars was home and said they were very efficient.  My biggest complaint (and one should not complain about other people cleaning) is that they made our bed and put the top sheet on upside-down and backwards.   She also gave us homework; she threw all the throw rugs into the laundry room so I guess I'll be doing a load of them this weekend so my feet don't get cold in the mornings.  


Last night I pulled out the sewing project for Ambrose.  I finished the cutting based on the fitting and I set in one sleeve, all that is left is the other sleeve, cuffs, hem, and buttons.   If I get creative I may add a decorative stripe to the bottom but it is coming together.  I have to do homework today and if I get it done early I'll probably have time to do more before Lars comes home from practice.


Hope everyone is having a good Valentines day

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


I am oddly bored right now.  I've gotten a lot done, now I'm waiting on other people.   That is the way of the world.  Yesterday was similar, I ended up doing a lot of little thing and then I did a bunch of SCA stuff just because I'm waiting on stuff.  


Last night I went direct from work to T&K's and it is really very close by back roads, closer then my house I think.   Lars mentioned that if the market goes up a lot in our area we might sell and move north a bit if prices are still reasonable.  I like our house but it isn't my dream house.   Hanging out on a Monday is very different then a Friday, just a different tone.  We got home later then I intended to but we got the house reasonably picked up so the cleaning people can clean.   Lars called and said that it looked pretty good, I can't wait to see it, I feel like it is Christmas.  Today I will do homework and hopefully start sewing and continue sewing Wed night.   Thursday is class and I'm going out after for a SCA fitting and Friday Bevie is visiting so I need to re-tidy and spruce the guest room.  Other then the snowmobiles I don't have many plans for the weekend but I'm sure we will fill the time easily.   Today I need to go pick up some valentine stuff but I think we will do our traditional stay home and watch a movie while eating sushi plan.


Nothing else very noteworthy going on, time to go nag some engineers to get their stuff done for me.   3 more hours until I see a clean house!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Feeling Chipper Today

Monday already!  I am in a good mood today, I got a bunch done this weekend, we have the cleaning lady coming tomorrow and my friend from High School is visiting on Friday.   Lars and this work team had a big weekend so they worked non stop from Friday morning until now, I'm not joking, around the clock.  It is times like these that I am glad he works from home because otherwise I would never see him and when I did he would be grumpy.   I basically had run of the house all weekend since he was rooted to his desk chair so I did the bathroom and cleaned a bunch.  I also played Hero's and it is just so easy to loose a couple hours in that game.   I don't realize how long I have played until my mouse hand is numb.  The cats enjoy the game, I am a non moving lap and they take full advantage of it.   I finished the second mission yesterday and feel quite accomplished.  I also got the laundry done, including sheets and towels so all I need to do is fold and put away.


This week I need to focus on sewing, if I dedicate Tuesday or Wednesday to it I should be able to finish and put it away again so the house looks nice for Bev.   After that project my queue is roughly;  fighting outfit for Josh, new fighting tunic for Lars, Houpe for me, and maybe something late period to wear at Coronation.   I have fabric for all of this (and more!) just need to get into the sewing grove.  Tonight I'm going to visit T&K since we skipped Friday due to the work thing but we won't stay late because I need to pre clean for the cleaning team and I would like to do my exercises.   I got a bunch of nice nesting baskets from WalMart and I am  planning on tossing all things that don't belong on that floor into a basket to be transported to the correct floor.   The plan is on Mondays to get as much put away as possible and leaving the baskets empty so the cleaning team can fill them with anything they find or need to move.   That is the plan anyway.


Ok, back to work.  Hope everyones weekend was fun.

Sunday, February 11, 2007


So the bathroom project... I can't find the picture of the bathroom pre -changes but, it is basically this room but white. We choose a nice bright spring green for the room.

Then I chopped up alot of crown molding, we spent alot of time on lots of websites and found this one was best.

We made templates and looked at our directions just about every cut but in the end we got it. We call our collected leftovers opportunities to make small molding shelves
I also invested in a fun air compressor and I continue to believe that I would write better instructions then they do because this one didn't even have directions for some of the parts and it was dead wrong about other things like saying it came with oil and to run it for thirty min. I checked, it did not have oil... good thing I didn't follow that directions. Pictured is my montage to the construction process; Charlie the chop saw, box of future shelves, our templates and directions, and a loud can of air.

So here is the final product. We didn't pick the easiest room in the house but we did pick the smallest.

As a great man said, it looks good to a blind man on a galloping horse. All I can say is it is finished and I am more or less pleased. Many thanks to Jenny who prodded me into action.

Saturday, February 10, 2007


Crown Molding.  Yes.  I plan on really doing it this time.  I have found an alternative to coping and Jennie is coming over at 12 to help.  The bathroom is 100% painted and ready to go. 

Friday, February 09, 2007

Silent Night

Last night while walking to the car from class the song 'silent night' came clear to me.  I'm not sure how cold Bethlehem is, but, walking 6-8 blocks in -15 temp the world is absolutely silent.  Every house was shut up tight, nobody was out taking a walk, I couldn't even hear many cars and although only 9pm the roads were actually empty.   This exact same walk in the spring and summer is full of noise but everything is hibernating now.

Play in Snow!

Plans are coming together!  I successfully reserved two sleds from the workplace and a trailer and a person with a truck to pull the trailer so when Bevie visits we can go play on the lake!   Now all I need is an extra helmet or else we will be using ATV helmets...  PS. Princess, I don't think we will be at Haire Affair next weekend... Lars also has to work so it would have been tight anyway.  

Thursday, February 08, 2007

heart healthy

So healthy update....  I've been pretty good about running on the elliptical 2-3 days a week especially since I can see my shows thanks to Tivo network, I noticed over the past few times I couldn't get my aerobic target heart rate until the end of the workout.   I was thinking that I must not be working hard enough but according to Healthy Roads lady my heart is improving!  I should have guessed that myself because I am on the same machine, going the same distance ( 1.2 mi), at the same resistance (4), at the same relative speed (50-55 steps per min) and the only changed variable was me.  I am taking that as good news, all that fruit and whole grains and general exercise is doing some good.   I'll have to sit down this weekend and recalculate my target rates and update the post-it on my machine.  She also suggested upping the resistance so I'll probably do that too.  


Unhealthy update is my lunches this week;  Today was school lunch and it was some sort of noodles and meat served with questionable green beans and pieces of butter/garlic soaked toast (tasty but fatty).   Yesterday is my off site day so I ate my lean pocket, can't really do any good lunch there because there isn't fridge space for my normal chicken and greens.   Tuesday was the conference so we ate some fancy chicken thing with stuffing and sauce and Monday I went home for lunch to meet the cleaning lady and had a sandwich and chips.  So far I have spent $0 on lunch but it hasn't really been good for me.  Tomorrow I'll do the salad thing if my chicken from last week is still good, otherwise I might call the week a wash and just buy lunch at work.

Today I feel like posting early as this is one of those days that not too much gets done.  Last night I had to do homework, the power was on, and when I opened the assignment it was full of notation I didn't understand.  I understood about half but that really doesn't cut it with math.   So I read the sections he put on the syllabus and didn't find the answers, then I read the stuff he said to skip – still no answers, then I tried to find a website that explained the notation and I didn't find one.   I finally called my Math teacher friend and opened a see-n-share program so she could see my computer and showed her the worksheet.  As soon as she identified what each thing meant I was fine and the work was easy.   I honestly am good at algebra and following formulas but it would have been nice if the moron thought to tell us what each thing meant.  At least the homework is done but I still need IT to install Minitab on my computer because I don't have admin rights and teacher says we need a laptop for class....


After homework and dinner and some TV I started painting.  I did a whole bunch of stupid things like whacking the roller into thing or making drips that I think I was just tired but I got all but the toilet wall done.   Looking this morning I see a few spots that need touching up but all in all it looks good.  It was 11pm when faced with how to paint behind the toilet so I decided to wait on it.   I have a plan now, I am going to bag the toilet, paint as much as I can with my little roller, then use a brush, then use my little flat edger.  I figure that not too many people will be looking behind the toilet and as long as it is the right color I should be ok.  Tonight after class I'll try and knock out the last wall and do touch ups so this weekend it will be dry for the crown molding.   Poor Lars, he keeps thinking I'm done and putting the shower curtain back up and then I hear him and tell him I'm not done and don't get the room all steamy so he goes to shower in the downstairs slightly scary bathroom.   It really isn't as scary as it could be but it does have an odd built in seat and the shower head is a hand sprayer that is on a wall mount that is too short to stand under.   I took it off the mount and used it standing up, Lars has decided that sitting is just easier.  To all the people who have showered in this bathroom, I'm sorry, I've cleaned it tons for times but never looked at the logistics of it.   I also noticed when I took my first shower in there the other day that the hot cold knob is wrong, it is opposite, don't know how that happened but I'm sorry about that too!   The downstairs shower is on the list of things I want to upgrade...


Today is an odd work day, things kinda piled up oddly.  I have mentoring at 10:30 at the local elementary school where I talk to a 4 th grader for an hour and have school lunch.  To me she doesn't seem high risk or anything other then the normal 4th grade girl but she seems to like the hour of time all about her.   This afternoon I have my every other week healthy roads apt where for half an hour I talk about nutrition to a woman in California that work 'strongly suggested' people with my health score participate in the program.   The health assessment said I am overweight for my height and although I know I could look 5-10 pounds they don't take muscle and dense bones into the equation so therefore, I am overweight and I talk to her ever other week.   In the past year I have gotten some good advice, not really diet to loose weight related but I have started eating more fruit and she gives good advice about bike riding etc.   Finally, I have class tonight so I need to leave 4pm on the button to be able to get home, put on extra layers of clothing so I can handle my 8 block walk to class and then get down there so I can watch the bozo perform for 3 hours.   So, today I have a challenging day to get my stuff done but I got a lot done yesterday and there is always tomorrow...

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Yesterday was a doozie.  First, it is super sub zero here, a fact that I don't really like to acknowledge but it has been below 0 for days now.   I really do have better things to talk about then the weather but this deep freeze is effecting my decisions about leaving the house so it is worth mentioning.   Somehow our power is out at the house is out, I suppose at some point electricity freezes but hopefully it will be on again by the time I get home. 


Anyway, the cold drove me to see if anyone wanted to carpool to our yearly seminar my entire group was at yesterday.   I got a ride with a good group and they even picked me up at my house since it really is in an easy spot.  They were worried about finding the house at 6am in the dark so I told them I would put the Christmas lights on.   They said it was VERY easy to spot the only house with lights so the day started well.  It snowed yesterday morning so the drive was slow but uneventful.   The conference was very similar to the two years I've been before but this year I had a very excellent muffin for breakfast.  They took the opportunity to also have a group dinner and so I didn't get home until 8:30 and my brain was overloaded with slides and plans and reviews of the year.   I got home to a silent dark house because Lars went to the baronial practice so I did the monthly bills and opened an ING account so we are now grownups with a savings account.   I exercised and then intended to paint the bathroom but found that all the brushes I own are in hiding so I really couldn't do much with out them so I got brushes today at lunch and will get it done tonight (by candle light if necessary!)


I also got my text book in the mail.... unfortunately, the mailman thought it would be a good idea to bend the hard cover text until it fit into the mailbox.   It looks pretty getto right now, it is usable but ugly.  I called in to complain but I'm sure they won't do anything.   The claim process requires you to give them the damaged item and I need the book for class so I'm stuck.   I'll still see what I can do but I'm glad to have it to do my homework tonight.   Last weeks class was annoying because the teacher was a super dweeb.  I should not expect high humor or entertainment from someone who does Stats as a profession but I DO expect them to have a lesson plan.   This guy had not even looked at the powerpoint that came with the book and disagreed with half of what it said.  He was a bumbling idiot for the first half and kept jumping from topic to topic and never really explained anything.   Someone finally stopped his rambling and asked what we needed to know about the current topic and how it tied into the next lesson...  he got on track somewhere in the last hour and I'll reserve judgment on if he is a waste of air or not until after this class.....    I don't think he is worth the 2k I'm paying for the class but it is a prerequisite for all the other classes I need in the future.  His one redeeming quality was that he wants to make sure we all really know what we are doing and won't move on until he feels we are good, he didn't care how far we get in the course so that makes me feel a little better that he won't loose us all in his rambling.


The cold outside is invading the office I'm in so I think I'll go walk around a bit and warm up.   Hopefully everyone else is doing well and keeping un frozen.

Monday, February 05, 2007

weekend review

Weekend review!   I write this probably so when I need to remember what I did xyz weekend I can look back on my blog.   Most of this is old news as half the readers were there and the other 45% I called... So for future refrence and Janis at Gone South and 8K my weekend review;


Friday was fun, T&K  had their first house cleaning with the lady a work friend recommended to me and the house looked great.   Today I had my meeting with her to go over stuff and she seems like a cool person, totally trustworthy and very efficient.  Friday night Lars was 'on duty' meaning he really didn't help get ready for the event and that put me in a sorta bad mood especially since he sprung the fact that we were staying for the feast so I had to go find dishes too.   Anyway, he did end up helping and we really didn't need to pack too much since it was only a day event.


Saturday we woke up way too early for a weekend and drove to the event 3 hours away.  The directions stopped on Butts ave and we drove up and down the street looking for the site and were more or less lost for 20 min.  There were no signs and you had to drive through an apparently abandoned fairground to get to the site.   Once we were there it was a fun day, I just sat and talked and held friends babies and even the feast turned out ok.  One of the guys found an outback for us to order from and that sounded like a great idea since the feast was sold out BUT the place way 50 miles away so in a day when we drove 200 miles to the event, I went an extra 100 to get dinner.   I volunteered to go because one of the guys was supposed to get an award and though I didn't want to miss it, he is usually the guy who will run and get whatever you need so I had to say I was doing it so he would be there.   The discussion the guys wanted to stay for worked out well, I think people learned some stuff even.  The drive home was easy, mostly because I fell asleep, and we were in our own bed by 1am (so Lars was really speeding because that is a half hour earlier then we should have been there plus we dropped Josh off)


Sunday was supposed to be crown molding day.  Jenny did come over to help and we did buy the molding and we were all set to go but we tried to cope and we suck at it.   We decided to practice this week and try again next weekend.  While cleaning the walls (we are going to paint too) we noticed the terrible job the previous owners did with calking the tub.   It has been bad for a while but close inspection showed that it is getting close to failure so we gouged it out.  I love that Lars never questions us when we bring butter knives, razer blades, box cutters and paint scrapers into the bathroom.   Jenny had to leave but I finished scraping out the gobs and gobs of gunk and patched the parts that were really bad.  Tonight I'll do the nice neat bead that goes around the top, I even got the tool to do it... the last people look like they used just the calk gun and hoped for the best.   I know we said we were going to only do the bathroom if we messed up the down down stairs room but when we started looking at the ceiling down there it was too complicated because parts slope etc.   I can feel plenty of muscles I over used yesterday because balancing on the edge of the tub and scraping is like Pilates for real life.


This week will be busy, tomorrow I have an all day conference that starts at 7am and goes through dinner.   Wednesday I have to get homework done and hopefully get the normal stuff done, Thursday  class and normal Friday.  Like I said in the beginning, today I met with a cleaning lady, I just can't keep dedicating all my time to cleaning and never getting anywhere anyway.   I'll still have to clean and do laundry etc but I won't have to worry about the bathrooms or the floors or dusting and that will free up time.  This is something I have wanted for a long time and I'm glad we can do it finally.  Hopefully everyone else had good weekends too!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Thursday... almost the weekend.  Wednesday night was on the nonproductive side but I did make the phone calls I wanted to and watched the TV shows we have been saving up.   I made plans today to do crown molding in our down down stairs room on Sunday with a friend.  With her coming there is 99% more of a chance I'll actually get going on it.   I don't particularly want crown molding down there but I need to practice somewhere and paint grade primed crown molding is on sale at Menards.  I also got an offer to borrow an air compressor and finish nail gun from a coworker so that will definitely help the process.  I choose the down down stairs room because it is square and if I mess up too badly I'll just try and do the bathroom instead and reuse the wood.   I suppose if I mess up the bathroom I'll move to a closet or something but I'll keep practicing until I'm good enough to do the real project – crown molding around the built in bookshelves from last year.  



I am looking forward to the event this weekend.  I'll get to see a friends new baby AND my Bear is doing bear like things (for the non SCA/Northshield readers, the order of the bear is given once per reign to a person who has had a profound effect on the kingdoms personality).   I choose G because she does and inspires others to do real projects that improve the landscape for everyone.


Today was fairly productive, I have nailed down my trip.   Since my mom keeps track of the time zone I'm in, here is the plan;



--   ----      ------------      ----    ----------------    -- ---------


           AR PORTLAND ORE       1104A                          0STOP 753



     04MAR AR TOKYO-NARITA APT    405P                          0STOP 332



           AR BUSAN               815P                          0STOP 757


A TU 06MAR LV BUSAN              840A    KOREAN AIR     875Y OK SNACK

           AR PU DONG ARPT/SHA    930A                          0STOP AB6



           AR CHONGQING          1125A                          0STOP 320



           AR PU DONG ARPT/SHA    505P                          0STOP 320



           AR TOKYO-NARITA APT    155P                          0STOP 744



           AR MINNEAPOLS/STPAUL 1215P                           0STOP 744


With all these flights, I think I really need to just carry on everything so I need to get a good large carryon.   10 days with my boss and an engineer, this may be too fun to handle.