Monday, February 28, 2005


Hey Mom, send me your blog address

Sunday, February 27, 2005

Back from NY, NJ and PA

Mood: good
Weather: don't know exactly, I'm inside

I'm back from traveling and everything worked out great. The only less then perfect part was the stripper for Heather's bachelorette party was very very very lame. I don't have alot of stripper experience but the dude was late and had no moves and was short. The bar was a fun place, it is a Philly club that I actually ended up knowing a few people at and we all had a great time. Navigating out of Philly based on my 2 year old memory of the streets was interesting and only resulted in a few near death experiences (Driver accelerating at a 3 foot high cement wall while I yelled 'wall!') I was also on the tipsy side but not all that bad. We made it back in one piece at 4 am and got up at 7 to go to the airport, got a tiny bit lost in NJ -home of the jug handle the stupidest thing to happen to road planning ever - but got the the airport in plenty of time.

To rewind (the bachelorette party was actually last) I had a great time with Bev on Thursday, we shopped and I peer pressured her into getting the cutest pink purse ever. It was very professional and smaller then her old lady (falling apart) purse so she can only carry one brick in it rather then 3, hopefully this also helps her back ache. I also shopped with mom and we did a little clean sweep of her side of the office in order to set up the computer I brought for her. We got a fantastic deal on a flat panel monitor and now she had a very nice set up with cordless mouse and keyboard, flat monitor, and new shelving so all the stuff that was cluttering the desk has a neat home. It looked so good on her side, they are going to get another shelf to match for dads side (I am being too geeky I know but I like organizing stuff). Thursday night it snowed so we relaxed and had dinner and watched TV and generally had family time.

Skiing on Friday was great, I didn't fall at all and only a few undignified near falls. Not too bad for not skiing in 2 years. Josie, my sister, got half run over by a loony lady who was totally skiing out of control and whacked Josie in the head with her pole. Josie fell and so did the woman and then she screamed for a few min straight but she didn't say what was wrong... eventually we found out her knee hurt so we went and told the nearest ski patrol person and hopefully she is ok but she really didn't belong on that hill since she was so out of control. We got home pretty late, we watched West Wing on tivo, I have to get tivo now, and I got everything ready for the bridal shower.

The shower was very nice and Heather had a good time. Heathers mom drove down from Buffalo with probably the most loud, annoying woman I have ever met. I can't even begin to describe her but it was so bad combine your best mental image using the following descriptive terms; loud, white trash, non-sequators, self centered and interrupting - that is her. We actually ended up laughing at her alot so it didn't ruin the party. The party was reasonably small but felt full and lively so it was a fun time. After that we went to PA for the party and that’s the short version of the trip.

Thursday, February 24, 2005


Mood: good
Weather: gray

Here I am in NY, the trip was uneventful and the computer I had to check even seems to be in one piece. I tried to make plans with a friend I don't see often at all but she is too busy or something, she didn't even call me herself but Bev told me. Anyway, Bevie and I will hang out this afternoon and she might come skiing with us tomorrow and I enjoy spending time with her more, it's just hard to let go of old friendships. I know, I did move to MN but that hasn't changed my friendships with other people and I have a feeling that if I lived here I wouldn't see much of her anyway. I need to see the grandparents and shop a little with mom.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Quick post

Mood: good
Weather: ok

I refuse to blog about not blogging but needless to say I have been breaking my 'rule' about posting. In the beginning, if I wanted to read any blogs I had to write in mine first... I have fallen off the wagon a little there :). Anyway, work and house are busy. I'm making headway with both and I'm actually almost done with round one projects for the house - last big one of the first batch is the built in shelving I want to do next month. I painted the kitchen and ended up shoveling the driveway and watching Project Runway whiling away the Sunday. Yesterday I finished organizing the bedroom we used to be in and now it is very functional as a dressing area. We watched the movie Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless mind and it was very very good and had us talking about it for atleas an hour after it finished.

Reading update - I'm 3/4 done with the Stand and enjoying it alot. I keep dreaming post appoloctic dreams now but I recommend the book. I am also listening to a new book, I forget the title but it is a Nora Roberts book, set in Ireland, and the main character is looking at the social impact and implications of myths and legends (and falling in love with the local bar owner). It is a good book to run to, fast enough to be interesting, not too taxing on the brain where I might loose all focus and run into a parked car.

Tonight I'm going to be super busy preparing for my trip because I'm leaving right after work tomorrow for it. I also need to call my friend Stacy here - she has a 4 month old baby and she broke her arm (her dominant one) and she is having a lot of trouble changing the baby one handed. I'm going to offer some babysitting time so she can relax a little because everything takes 5xs as long as it should.

so thats my life at the moment - I need to go do some work stuff.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

I'm back

Mood: fine
Weather: snowed again but now it stopped

Wow, almost a whole week! Well number one, training is over but I had to catch up on the actual work I needed to do all week so last week was pretty busy. Hopefully this coming week will be more normal work wise. Wednesday night I'm going to NY for a friends bridal shower/battchrarette party and while I'm there I am going to see friends and family and go skiing (if they have snow). It will be a busy busy trip but hopefully fun. Lars is staying home so I'm sure it will be video games nonstop.

Yesterday I went house hunting with friend here. We looked at 5 houses in very cute urban neighborhoods but all the houses had at least one tragic flaw. One house looked great from the outside but when you went in the front door there was a VERY noticeable slope to the floor. You actually felt yourself going down or up hill depending on the part of the house. In the basement, there was a crater so I think the house is on a sink hole. None of the furniture was level, it was a very weird house and I don't think anyone will buy it unless they plan on rebuilding the entire thing.

I am still trying to get the house in shape, I'm getting closer. Today I think I'm going to tackle the next painting task in the kitchen. We are also looking at buying an elliptical machine so that is on today's adjenda too.

Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Training all week

Mood: ok but not wonderful
Weather: gray and just under freezing

I am taking over the job of a guy who is retiring so he drove down from the plant up north to spend the week with me. He is a cool old guy but I don't think I should blog in front of him and he literally is sitting at my desk.

Gossip pool on my old work, you remember, the place was falling apart - well they laid off more people and mostly ones I liked. Mike, if you read this, come move here I have a job for you, no joke....

I think I'm going to do more tidying, our neighbors stopped by and I was almost embarred. I'm not compulsive but our mess just needs to get organized right then we will be good for a long time.

Monday, February 14, 2005

Happy Valentines Day

Mood: Fine
Weather: snowed but it's warmish

I don't usually comment on the weather (other then the 'report' up top) but yesterday it rained, turned to blizzard conditions sometime in the evening and this morning the world was literally coated in snow. All the branches on every tree, it was pretty cool looking and fairly unique. The world had a black and white photo quality - even the sky was a light gray.

Anyway... Valentines day for us isn't too special, we eat in since we don't want to compete with the masses out there and we have a movie to watch. I put a special valentines Little Debbie heart shaped snack cake in Lars' pocket this morning and that is about the extent of the day. We are fairly lovie every day.

Sunday, February 13, 2005

Sunday Sunday Sunday

Mood: ok
Weather: chance of rain

Yesterday went very well. I did an operation on my bed frame to make it more stable, an upgrade from bed version 2.0 to bed 2.5. The first bolt took forever (10 min?) and the next three went progressively faster so on average it took about 2 min a piece, almost dad speed. I also put together the bed and moved all our stuff into the new room! It still needs accessories and today I need to finish moving our clothing into the closet but we finally slept in the master bedroom after only 2 months of homeownership.

I called in to my friends dinner party, it was like one stop friend talking. I'll call ya later 8k, I get free weekend min and I kinda thought you would be busy cooking when I called. I miss my college friends but I also like my new friends and some are just about as crazy as college. For example, at 11pm when I was looking at curtain designs online (vast amounts of ugly mostly) and Lars was playing a computer game the phone rings. It could either be a family emergency or a wrong number but I answer anyway. It is our across the street neighbors who we hang out to play games with every other week or so and they want to know if we want to come over. Never since college is calling at 11 to invite people over cool but this paticular weekend we were wide awake and went over. Next random thing, our neighbor gets a wrong number and to mess with the guy he says 'Sure, Joe is right here' and hands the phone to Lars. Lars strings this guy along talking in a Napoleon Dynamite voice and the dude was looking for drugs and Lars got rid of him by saying we didn't have anything. Neighbor M decides to call back the wrong number and mess with them more by saying 'Joe' was holding out, that we had tons of stuff (all in a crazy stoned voice), laughed maniacally, then hung up on the guy. It was a very random even but interesting. We played games til 3am then went home, very college like.

Today I must must must make curtains because the fabric is taking up too much room on my table.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Look what I made

This is the prototype for Heather's wedding favor. This is what I do on Sat nights...

The card says;

With endless love we will share
our thoughts, our dreams, ourselves.

Thank you for joining us
Shane and Heather
March 26 2005

The wedding is the day before Easter so the favor is a plastic pastel egg with candy in it, tulle tied on it, and the thank you card. I only have to do 119 more. I am waiting until after Valentines day to get candy on sale but so far this favor project costs $40 (.33 each) can't do better then that on E-Bay.

Two days without news

Mood: very good
Weather: sunny and 45

Wow, I haven't posted in two whole days! I know, everyone thought I died in a tragic snow mobile accident but for real I just got busy. Here is my report;

Flying in a private plane looses the cool factor when you cram in too many people and have to be there at 6am. The flight there and back was uneventful and it was good to spend some time getting to know my co-workers. The plant up north is huge, I'm talking about three quarters of a mile square of assembly line. It was also strangely full of beautiful people, very tall thing Nordic people. I did get to snow mobile but it wasn't set up for me like I was told, I ended up finding someone and batting my eyelashes at him to get him to take Kelly and I out. My whole lesson was 'This side is da gas, this side is da break' and he started it for me and we rode for about 45 min. I did ok, it really isn't hard, and we got to 'race' and I went 65mph (feels faster on a sled). It was a looooong day but the pilot stepped on the gas and we were back to the airport by 6:30pm. Lars and I had planned on going out to dinner and since it was still relatively early we went out (taped my Thursday TV).

Here is my suburbs restaurant review; Corner Stone Pub - 3 stars. Great corner location with plenty of easy parking. The pork loin was very very tender and the waitstaff was adequate. The Jerk chicken was not jerk per say (no sweet, only hot) but still enjoyable. The decor was well done and it had an English tavern feel with wood paneling. Price was very good and the special was a great deal (only $6!). The only drawback was the bar area was very smoky and you had to run the gauntlet to get to the dining area. We will be back again.

To my war with companies etc- I won overall but I'm not done yet. The direct TV gave in and came out today to move my tvbox to where I wanted it (for free). The Phone people are coming this afternoon to fix the phone lines. I got my old apt to pay the entire electric bill. I also got pretty far on getting a TiVo, have to call back about that... Took a while on the phone but it worked out.

Today I'm going to make curtains and clean, I haven't cleaned all week~

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Doing battle!

Ok, it is a war of wills... I am calling all the companies I need to argue with tonight
1. Old apt building - we got an electric bill for and empty apt we don't live in....
2. Direct TV - they pulled wires out of the wall and installed one of our receivers in a closet... I want them to come and fix it
3. Qwest the phone company - we were supposed to get a 'free' dvd player with the purchase of our TV/Phone system and I haven't heard about it yet - I'll get to the bottom of it
4. Quest again - 50% of the jacks in our house don't seem to work and we have line insurance so I'm going to see if they fix that sort of thing.
5. Royal bath towels - we got these as a wedding gift and they are super soft and fairly expensive and they are falling apart *badly* my k-mart towel from 5 years ago looks better, I'm not sure what my call to them will do but I will tell them their product is shoddy

I hope to win them all - let you know later

8k! I'll need to call in for your dinner, send me times :)

Finally, a correctly busy day

Mood: good
Weather: gray and cold

Today is the first day that hasn't had insane busy spots or tedious dull spots. I'm starting to get control of my areas and people more or less leave me to it. At some point soon I will need to start visiting vendors, a new adventure.

Today is also ash Wednesday. God will have to understand that I don't know where any churches are but I'll do what I can. I'm sure my family in NY all went to church

Tomorrow is going to be a super long day. I am going to the production facility Waaaaay up north (almost in Canada) to see the production line and to meet the team members up there. I will also get a snow mobile lesson, we will have to see how that goes. The long part about it is that I need to be at the airport at 6am and I don't get back until almost 8pm. I hope to sleep on the plane. It is pretty cool though to fly on a private company plane and to get to snowmobile on company time.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005


Mood: blah
Weather: cold

It is a very blah day. Stuff is going on but nothing I can really get into. Yesterday I was so sleepy I took a nap after work, maybe I am fighting the cold everyone has. I am trying to learn a new program and it is being difficult.

Tonight I plan on running, I put it off yesterday to sleep but exercise is important too.

Monday, February 07, 2005

What I'm reading

I realize I haven't shared what I'm reading in a while! I am half way through The Stand by Stephen King and enjoying it a lot. I have been trying to read this book for almost a year but the local libraries never had it. I broke down and ordered it 7 months ago from Amazon BUT I mailed the order to my moms house by accident... So, Mom mailed the other books but kept the Stand to read. She finished the book but then my sister borrowed it when she was visiting mom (sister lives in OK) and she took it home with her. THEN she went for militalry training and when she got back she mailed the book to me. I started it about 2 weeks ago and it was worth the 6 month wait :)

I am also listening to 'The Runaway Jury' by John Gresham and it is very well done. I listen to books on tape while I run or clean so it encourages me to do run more. I am almost done with it and I'm still not 100% sure what the mole on the jury will do, he has a great scam going and it could go either way. I highly recommend this if you like law, it is like reading a very interesting case file on tobacco litigation.

I almost went to Italy

Mood: a little bit of a cold
Weather: back to 11 degrees

This morning for about 4 hours I was going to Italy to get parts... These parts were supposed to ship on Friday and are done but the shipping company dropped the ball. I really don't want to fly to Italy to pick up parts to fly right back and I'm very glad that I'm not. I will go with joy at some (planned) point in the future but not today. Work is still a little crazy getting used to all the people and what they do but it's a good company.

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Here is the closet, it's done too! Note the pants rack, it slides :) The wood colored shelves were made by my dad and I've moved them 8 or 9 times and they are always useful. Hopefully we can use this space well and have neat clothes.

Bedroom floor 004

Here is the completed bedroom floor. Lars helped with the last details and we cleaned up and now it is ready to move into tomorrow.

So much to do, don't know where to start

Mood: morningish
Weather: gray but in the 50's

I miss having 3 day weekends, not enough time now! I have to decide where to start today and what to do, I have alot of options....

I could go for many small projects, mostly cleaning and organizing around the place but it is not really a big impact sort of thing but there are so many little things it will take all day

I could try to complete the big room project! one last bored to recut (couldn't live with the messed up one that is there at the moment, it looks like a drunk monkey cut it... not only is the cut wiggly, it is too short so there is a gap). Then there is putting back the molding, puttying over holes, putting the other 2 thresholds in, covering up the blue paint on the ceiling with white paint, cleaning the room, and moving in... I'm not sure I could actually finish that today

I also could be lazy - read my book, play computer games, and maybe tidy some more (already did the kitchen).

Three choices~ one day....

Dailey update

Mood: restless
Weather: very spring like

Today was very busy in a nice productive way. I cleaned a little, I went to the fabric store and got coco colored velvet for curtains, got a few great deals at Wal-Mart, hung out with Jen and saw Finding Neverland. I enjoyed the movie alot, it had sad moments but was very vivid and it really brought the magic of Neverland out. I have a bunch planned for tomorrow so I should go to bed.

Friday, February 04, 2005

wedding pictures

as requested, here is the link to my wedding pictured, 1 book at least.... I'll try and put it in my links to the left also

Big coffee!

Mood: caffeeeeennnnneeeedddd
Weather: spring like

The got big cups at the coffee machine, I'm drinking apx 4x what I normally drink. I need it, it's going to be a hectic day.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

Brief lull

Mood: good
Weather: even warmer today

I had to get here early because I had so many things to do first thing in the morning but now I'm waiting for people to get back to me therefore a lull. In the lull, I read blogs, probably something I should not do at work but I do it. Anyway, the VP of my department came to visit and today was one of the 'why-should-I-dress-well-when-everyone-else-wears-jeans' days but I'm at least wearing a nice sweater and gray jeans but not the normal two notches above. (Studies show the better you dress the better you are perceived and therefore advance. I'm doing ok I think.) So I am very glad that I am queen of alt-tab and when the VP looked at me I was looking at a complicated spread sheet. After he left we got a visit from the blueberry muffin fairy, always nice.

I didnot listen to the state of the union - I did post another 50 wedding pictures.
I also purchased tickets for the shower in Feb and wedding in March and 2 hotel reservations for Lars - expensive night

Wednesday, February 02, 2005


Today I did 3 posts (avoiding pilates) so that makes up for yesterday.

Coroner:: 6 feet under
Mystify:: make misty
Corroborate:: story
Misinterpret:: sad
Humorless:: dry old stick of a receptionest
Calculus:: avoid
Eye for an eye:: tooth for a tooth
CPR:: card
Stitched:: starched
Facility:: plant

I love Simon Delivers

Mood: good
Weather: over 40!

So it is 5:30 and in essence I have done my big shopping for the month, got it here, unloaded, unpacked and it took less then 10min. is a success!!! I'll still need to go to the regular grocery store every so often because they don't have 100% of the things I like but pretty close. What should I do with this extra time? Probably laundry... but hey, didn't have to wait in line.

Doing 3 jobs now

Mood: good
Weather: don't know, I hear it is getting 'warm'

Sorry I didn't update yesterday, I know the 6 people who read wondered if the supplier conference I went to bored me to death and they had not gotten a funeral notice yet.... In reality, the conference was actually very good but it had VERY dull moments where I had to amuse myself with thinking out house projects. I did not get the ugly red shirt (in time, more later) so I wore a red turtle neck and stuck out a bit because my red was more pink. Anyway, by the time I got home and did a few work e-mails I was so tired I went to sleep. I woke up long enough to pay some bills and watch a little TV (gilmore girls!) and play some World of Warcraft with Lars who has been wanting me to play for weeks. Therefore, no post.

I am posting at lunch at my desk because I can't leave because there are 3 different projects that are very urgent that I need to keep on top of. I have my outlook window open so if I get something I'll know but I just can't leave. Funny story time... I got the ugly red shirt for yesterday this morning, they mailed it to the wrong facility and they had to resend. That isn't the funny part. Since I am new and they don't have any room, I'm sitting at the worlds smallest desk in a back area of the building. I didn't have room for the ugly red shirt since worlds smallest desk + 3 different projects = zero space so I tossed it up onto the overhead cabinets. The ugly red shirt slid (100% polyester will do that) over the cabinet top and has fallen behind the cube wall. I can't get it because I'm connected to a few cube walls on either side so I might need to fish for it.... I can see it through the cord panel at the bottom of the wall but I can't get to it. So that is the funny part - well- it amuses me at least :)

I have not updated on the floor project. We had some trouble and we are paused until the weekend, we didn't have the right screws to put the sills on and there is one piece cut wrong we need to replace. Someday I'll have a picture to share.

8k, I don't have your e-mail but a good lunch for under $3 is budget gourmet - it is in the frozen food section. I recommend all the pasta dishes especially the Swedish mothballs. Michilianas is usually right next to Budget gourmet and they are good too - they are actually both made by the same company. Usually they are about 1.50 or less and are often on sale for 4 for $5. I eat one and a piece of fruit and a soda and I'm good until dinner.

Time to get back to work, it is a good busy though.