Friday, July 29, 2005

Mice Beware

Mood: good
Weather: sunny, nice, heat predicted to come back this weekend

So this afternoon I think, "I would like to post but I really don't have much to say". I chat with coworkers on my way out, go home, read E-mail and then Lars announces that there are 2 dead mice on the porch. Two dead mice are obviously news worthy to the cats because they were meowing up a storm showing them off. I pet them and said 'good cat' and gave them treats all in the presence of two tiny mouse bodies. I know it is a sign of cat love but I sure don't love the disposal process. I actually don't know what to do with the bodies... the first time I freaked out, drove to a gas station with the body in a ziplock bag and threw it out there. The second time I chucked it over the back fence into the stream/ditch area. I have decided driving mice bodies all over town is gross, and chucking them over the fence may attract other animals, so, they are in a tied up grocery bag in our outside trash can. I really think the cats should be out of mice to hunt by now but this explains why they like staying out all night.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hello BR

Mood: avoiding exercise
Weather: 80 and sunny 0 humidity (gotta have something good about the state)

My title welcomes one of my oldest (as in known longest) friends who judging from the IP address finally found the site! She attended the friends wedding this past weekend and I must say she looked fabulous, thin, and has very buff arms in the pictures I've seen.

So far today I helped save my company over 1 million dollars - I'm not joking or exaggerating, it was very cool to finally get this far on a cost savings project. I also just finished a very strange book - review forthcoming but it is very strange and I have to think about if I want to recommend it or not.

Yesterday I hit a milestone in my dance class. I not only danced all the dances we have learned with minimum of mistakes I actually did them at full speed with the advanced class that is right after mine. I think the correct shoes actually help so I'm glad I got them even if they pinch my toes. In sept I will be bumped into the advanced class but I still have the option to go to the beginner class at 7 for the same price. It is an excellent deal, $5 a class and I can go from 7-9:30 and the teachers are both nationally ranked dancers and are very nice. All we have to do is suffer through is bad jokes but for the price I can handle it.

Now I must exercise, no more procrastinating

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My busy 'nothing' weekend

Mood: busy
Weather: sunny and cool

For the first weekend in 4 weeks I had nothing really planned. Actually we were invited to a 6year olds birthday on Sunday but that was just a littl thing not a huge weekend eating project/trip/visitor. My friend got married back in NY and I was vaguely thinking about it while I was contentedly sitting in lounge wear on the coach with Harry Potter and a cup of coffee. I had about 100 pages to finish and Lars was out so I wasn't going to move for anything. Well... as the dramatic ending was unfolding all of a sudden the sky outside turned pitch black and I remember that stupid cat is outside. Just then there is a huge down pour and my first thought was that stupid cat has been preferring to chase bugs in the drainage ditch in the way back of the yard and it is the first spot to flash flood. So, I go out the back door with treats (to shake so he will show himself) and notice the brand new deck umbrella taking flight. I attempted to catch it but basically got out of the way as gale force wind whipped it past me onto the roof where it got stuck on the furnace vent pipe. I gave half a thought to climbing up onto the roof to get it but decided that 1. I needed to find the cat, 2. I don't like being on the roof in nice weather 3. I was already 100% soaked to the skin. In bare feet, cotton shorts and t-shirt I ran around to the back of the property and it was raining so hard I could barley see and even under a tree it felt like I was in a shower. The stream bed was getting full and I shook the treats and Mr. Pink poked his head out. He saw me and ran half way and I had to go haul him out of the water. I more or less flung him on the lawn because I'm not carrying a wet upset cat who can actually run way faster then me. We ran back to the house and he beat me to the door and I got inside just in time to answer the phone - it was Lars telling me in was raining. I changed, mopped up the puddle I made and Mr. Pink just looked at me like him being wet was my fault. That was the dramatic portion of the day. I went back to the couch, finished the book and was about to start sewing a tunic when Lars got home and we rescued the umbrella from the roof because it was now bright and sunny out. Technically that was a tornado condition. I think they should have more litature or something when east coast people move to the Midwest. I know all about storms, hurricanes, nor-easters, gale, squall but nada on tornados. I was supposed to be sitting in the basement with candles and canned goods not running around the yard or sitting by a big window reading a book. All ended up fine but now I know what a tornado storm looks like.

We also ate alot of steak this weekend. Too much really. Remember Lars bought a ton of steaks from the butcher last week to 'save' money. Well we took 6 out of the freezer to eat with friends Friday night. Our friend is a very particular steak cooker and would not cook frozen steak or defrost it in the microwave so Lars and he went to the store to get more steak. It was a good dinner cooked very well. So Sat they call and invite us over to eat the steak that is now defrosted. We go since we don't like cooking and anyone offering to cook we will go there. The butcher steaks were 100 times better then the grocery store steak but steak two days in a row is hard on the system. Sunday night (after the birthday party) we decided to have tuna sandwiches - easy to make and not steak.

I made a very nice tunic for Lars, it took the whole day but it is one of the better ones I've ever done. It is a striped material and I made sure all the stripes lined up and I made a riders slit perfectly centered and lined. He was correctly appreciative of my efforts and likes it alot. Pennsic is only a few weeks away but I think I'm actually fairly squared away with garb. (knock on wood) hopefully everything I want to bring fits in the car with the 3rd person we are taking and his stuff...

Thursday, July 21, 2005

Quick hello

Read my stats for the month and I would like to say hello to my new readers.
A special hello to Australia, thanks for signing my guest book
Hi to Sayville - maybe BR? but there is a new Sayville address
and hey to HT (was HMc) - see you in a few weeks!

And it makes me happy that I continue to inform/entertain Gone South, 8K, Alexander and my parents.

The sun helped me out today

Mood: vombie slave to Harry Potter book
Weather: sunny

I must pay tribute to the helpful sun and Lars today (and I'm not being sarcastic). I had been missing a tape in my book on tape for about 4 days and I thoroughly looked for it in the truck and Lars found it in about 5 seconds of looking. That is a minor miracle since he can't usually find things even if they are exactly where you tell him they are. Anyway, I only had about 10 min left on that tape and I drive for 15 min so I reached over to get the next tape out of the black case box thing and it was stuck in there like it was coated in super glue. I got to work and tried the following objects to try and pop out the tape; pen, pen cap, key, coin and fingers. The tape was welded in there and so I left it in disgrace on the seat of the car. Here is where the helpful sun did it's job... After 8 hours in direct sunlight, the plastic case melted so I could easily lift out tape. It was amazing that nothing else was melted and the tape played perfectly so for one,leaving library tapes in the sun for 8 hours was a good thing.

In other doing - I have done nothing but read Harry Potter. I washed and folded two loads of laundry but that's about it. Now I'm at page 400 and I still have two hours to dedicate to reading before I need to sleep.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My parents are home and I am back at work.

Mood: thoughtful
Weather: despite the weather man - it is gorgeous

They actually left yesterday and last night was odd because nobody was around. I took advantage of the time and sat in the shade on the deck and read 100 pages of Harry Potter. I think I need to re-read the last book, I vividly remember reading the book but I'm forgetting details of the story. A ton has changed in my life between the last book and this one. The last book Lars and I were already in MN but I didn't have a 'real' job. I was substitute teaching for 2 districts and getting about 2 jobs a week. As a sub I basically got to read for the majority of the day because the teacher would have left work that I would introduce, help for about 5 min and then just have to sit there and make sure nobody misbehaved. Since then, I have heard from teacher friends that they bribe and threaten their kids to be perfect for subs so that's probably why my job was mostly easy. Anyway, Harry Potter came on a day I didn't have work and I can distinctly remember sitting in my nice sunny bedroom reading at least half the day. I ended up rationing myself because I would have finished it too fast. While I wasn't working much I tried to get every errand done during working hours so I could spend time with Lars, sorta like a stay at home mom with no kids. Harry Potter actually helped me get my last job, I was on an interview and the guy mentioned it and we ended up talking about it for 10 min and he offered me the job the next day.

I am enjoying the book and I am enjoying the remembering of the other books so it is an all around good experience.

Today I feel like I got very little done at work but in all actuality I got a bunch done. I also talked to two friends (rare for a work day) both are doing ok. My one friend is having a hard time but (if your reading you know who you are) she has it under control and the bad stuff makes the good stuff better. Another person I know is getting married this weekend and I'm obviously not going. At first I thought my parents visit was the same weekend but even though it wasn't I could not have taken off days two weeks in a row. On top of that I feel very cut off from her since my wedding. I know she is busy getting married but it would have been nice to have a phone call returned. Oh well, life goes on for us all. I do my best to keep up with my east coast friends but it is pretty hard sometimes.

Enough lamenting - back to work, the quicker I'm done the faster I get home to read.

ps. I got the special shoes for the dance class I'm taking and they are so slippy I might make a huge fool of myself tonight... update on that tomorrow.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Harry Potter

I forgot in my 1000 word dissertation below that I have the Harry Potter book. Two copies in fact. I preordered one for a friend for her birthday (last month) and accidentally put my address instead of hers. I promised not to open mine until I got her hers. Needless to say I kept busy but the book is looking at me now....

Good weekend

Mood: good
Weather: very sunny - probably hot but I didn't go out there yet

Another busy weekend, but this was busy in a fun, not that exhausting way. My parents are here, I picked them up on Friday night. My Mom has a broken foot, someone in Akito broke it for her (accidentally) and she walked around on it for a week thinking it hurt a little and finally went to get it professionally looked at and got a big fat cast on the entire foot and half her leg. Anyway, since my normal very active Mom was plaster bound and they were flying into the local terminal (3 miles away from the main terminal with only spotty shuttle service) I picked them up and drove them to their rental car 3 miles away. I know, slighty crazy, but I know I saved them at least an hour of waiting around for shuttles.

Anyway, Dads official reason for being here is the National Vet conference in the cities so he went on Sat, acquired a bunch of free swag, and he is back there today. Saturday Mom and I went out sightseeing. Actually first we went to the one store in MN that sells clogging shoes, then we went sight seeing. We drove up route 8 to the Frankonia art park, I had seen it from the road a few times but I thought it was about the size of a large yard but it had cool looking sculpture so we wanted to go. We got there and it ended up being HUGE and mom figured she could get around to a few before her arms got tired. Well we start walking in and someone who sorta looked in charge took one look at Mom's foot and asked how far we expected to get. When Mom answered as far as we can he offered the park golfcart. So we saw the park in style in a sunshade roof golf cart. I'm not sure we would have wanted to walk the entire thing even if we were in perfect shape, it is very big and it was over 95 degrees so the cart let us see everything plus it was fun to drive. The sculpture park itself is awesome. A very good mix of styles and all done by artists that won fellowships to live and work there for a few weeks. They must rotate because I didn't see anything older then 5 or 6 years, but who knows, maybe thats when it started. Anyone in MN should go visit this place, it puts the MN sculpture garden with the big spoon to shame. There is a distinct bohemian art flair about the whole place, even the houses on the property are funky. They look like they are building houses for the guest artists out of 100% recycled material. The one we could get a good look at had lawn signs for siding and spackle buckets cut in half making a Spanish tile style roof.

After we left the art park, we stopped by the buffalo field to watch the herd for a few, the were mostly wallowing in a lake but they are fun to watch. We stopped home then when to visit a sick relative. Dinner was awesome steak and Dad and I stayed up late planning the details of the built in shelves I wanted. Oh, the steak, ok, anyone in the area, come to my house for dinner. I asked Lars to go to the butcher to pick up some meat. He asked 'should I get a bunch' I said 'yes'... I thought he would bring home maybe 6 or 8. He came in with a huge box of meat, I'm not joking, there are at least 4 bundles of 8 kinds of steak, plus 10 pounds of ground beef and some chicken. He told me if I wanted something done in moderation don't send him ;)
He is so cute! It really was a fantastic deal, about $200 for the whole thing but that saved us $100 from buying it individually. So now we have a big full freezer.

Yesterday Dad and I went to buy wood and make my shelves. We used my neighbors shop and it made such a difference to have the huge saw the laughs at measly sheets of plywood. I learned how to use my router and ever joint is routered. The entire thing is tight joints and glue and should last forever. I still have to do the facing and stain it but I'm 500% further then I could have gotten alone.

Today Dad is at the conference and Mom is still asleep. I'm dong work from my laptop but I plan on getting some Pennsic sewing done.

Friday, July 15, 2005

Parents visit

Mood: good
Weather:over 100 degrees but very nice

My parents are visiting for 4 days - I just cleaned some, hopefully enough because I don't have time for more.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I think bad luck might be contagious

Mood: fine
Weather:very nice, in the high 90's, sunny, and not humid

There have been a rash of bad luck happenings around me;

Neighbor; 6 months pregnant, has a 1 year old, and her husband just started his own business
1st - the major piece of equipment for the shop didn't work
2nd - found the problem was electric, paid 2,000 to fix
3rd - machine was damaged from trying to make it work before and needed new fuses (better then a blown motor)
4th - during this, their water pressure tank blew leaving them without water from last Friday til yesterday
5th - the family cars break line ruptured as she was leaving the neighborhood, she was able to just go back around the block and coast to a stop.

Friends further north have better luck overall but they have not had 48 hours straight without a power out for over 3 months.

I thought I had dodged it but today I forgot my wallet and as I turned into the work road the low fuel light came on. I am sure I'll be fine since home is only 8 miles away but I planned for the worst and I will call Lars right when I'm leaving and if I'm not home in 10 min he has to come find me. (my cell phone is on the kitchen counter) Seriously! I always have my phone and wallet....

Monday, July 11, 2005

2 weeks in 1006 words

Mood: good
Weather: sunny and warm

Two weeks without a post... I really should have said I was taking a break because I knew I was. Last post was that Lars' parents were set to arrive. I rushed home, cleaned, went to class, came home and jumped in the shower hoping I would be done before they got there and in the end we waited 2 extra hours for them to turn up. No big deal but we were starving! Lars liked his presents from me, especially the keyboard and mouse he got himself and I wrapped. His parents got him a BBQ set that is virtually identical to the one I got him 2 months ago when we got the BBQ, and a shirt that doesn't fit. Lars' mom means well but has Lars' size stuck around freshman in college size. Since moving to MN he works out 5 days a week, one of those days is usually dedicated to weight lifting, so he is significantly larger then she remembers. Wednesday night was a little tense, Thursday got a tiny bit better, Friday we waited up for his sister and brother in law to arrive (8hours later). Saturday we did sight-seeing in the capitol building and a museum and the sculpture garden. The sculptures are all very 1980s, MN must have had a good art budget that year because everything is from between 1978 and 1982. The brother-in-law who is vaguely manic depressive, did not want to come and sat home alone. Kinda a downer of a start but then at least we all fit in one car. He got the idea on Sunday that we weren't going to pander to him and that we would leave him if he wanted to stay, somehow I think he thought we would just hang out if he didn't want to go. Sunday we did the Mall of America then the the guys and our neighbor went to WI for some good fireworks. Monday was the forth so we hung out, played games, went out to an early dinner and around dusk started the 2 cases of fireworks they picked out (somewhere around 120 pieces). We all stayed up too late and were dragging on Tuesday when sister and brother in law took off around 3 and we had one last dinner with the parents. They had to leave very early on Wed so we said goodbye around 8pm and finally got to relax. They really wanted non stop entertainment and I think I ran the dishwasher 5 times in 4 days, cleaned semiconstantly, and was constantly making snacks or meals. The chain smoking habit they all had kept them outside the majority of the weekend so I'm very glad we had nice weather. I cleaned the table yesterday and I had to scrub and spray and wash and wipe for 20 min to get the table white again....

I meant to post last week to say how cool my company is; last Friday my boss took another person in the group and I on a trail ride and I got to go through my first mud pit. It was pretty shallow and I did much better then they expected :) It was my first time on an ATV but they are pretty easy to figure out and it was a nice change of pace for a Friday afternoon. The second reason it is a cool company is that they have a product in the Fabulous Four movie so we got a movie theater to ourselves on Thursday to watch the movie for free a day early! We had to drive 40 min to get to the theater and it ended up being the most uncomfortable theater in the world but it was a cool experience. The movie was pretty good if you like the super hero comic movies. I would put it on par with Spider Man 1, better then Electra, but not as good as the X-Men or Spider man 2. I am of the wrong age to have read the comics but that probably made me like the movie better because I didn't have preconceived ideas of what all the people should look like.

We actually went to our first camping event of the SCA season. Northshield does way less camping and war practice then the east and Lars has gone to 2 other events but this is my first since crown. I think a few people may have thought we quit since we have been absent but it has just been a sparse season. Not winning meant we didn't have to go to any event we didn't want to go so we just didn't :) WW (the event) was good, very hot, but fun. We ended up leaving Sat night because we were both over heated and there really wasn't anything going on Sunday. The grayfox party on Friday night was very cool, tons of people and talking, just like a mini pennsic. The 5 guys ended up drinking all 10 gallons of water I brought for them so that tells you how hot it was. Yesterday I started my list for pennsic and top of the list were things I forgot I needed for hot camping events - WW is like a pennsic trial. I also have a modest to-do list before Pennsic so my free time will mostly be sewing from now until then.

Second to Last in this very long post ~ my parents are coming to visit so I need to get general order in the house again. I have plenty of ideas of things to do when they visit and I took Monday off too. In my opinion they are way easier to have visit then Lars' parents but I may have a personal bias.

and now last - I have decided to do book reviews, real ones like school style, and post them. I'll preface and of them with 'book report' so you can skip but who knows, that may be my blog destiny.