Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Weekend review

This weekend was far more productive then I would have thought. I had cleared the day figuring I really would not feel like moving around much and my eyes really surprised me. I think my procedure must have been easier on me that Lars’s was last year because he was not in great shape the next day. Lars really really wanted to go to an event this weekend so I got a ride from K to my followup and I felt so good that we went shopping for hours after. I got two pairs of shoes, one cute and practical and one so impractical I’ll probably only wear them twice but both were on sale. K also got shoes and was tickeled pink that they had shoes that fit her right, a constant problem in her life so we started off the shopping trip well. We didn’t go anywhere too different, but, shopping with her was way more fun then with Lars who is really very good but he does not want to go through every aisle and look at all the clearance stuff. I was fairly restrained but I did find two great garden containers for either the front porch or back deck, I need to decide, but they are really nice looking and were marked down to $13 each.

Sunday Lars and I went down into the city to pick up a craigs list purchase. We met at a Panara and since we were there we had lunch and it was nice to be out with just Lars for a change. On our way back we decided to check out a few furniture stores since the desks Lars is using are really looking bad. They have done their time, they are both 7 years old and were the first major furniture purchases we made together so I am a little sad to see them go but after 2 states and 4 moves and constant use they deserve retirement. We looked at Hom furniture first because that is where I saw the desk I liked best. I don’t know what it is about but Lars and I get completely ignored in furniture stores, this happened last year too when we got our couch. Anyway, we wandered around the entire show room looking for desks being abjectly ignored by all the sales people and we finally had to ask the customer service desk where they were because we didn’t want to keep wandering. It ended up being upstairs so we took a look, and after we were basically measuring the desks and comparing features finally a sales person arrived. He was the most downie bird sadsack of a sales man ever and it looked like we were putting him out to even talk to us. We left a little irritated and tried the next store down the road, a JC Penny furniture store – they actually didn’t have any desks but they referred us to Office Max a few doors over and we figured we could at least get new chairs. We found great chairs and we found a cool glass desk that we ended up buying on the spot because it wasn’t too expensive, it was the right size, and I think it will look good in the room. We got everything home but we have to find homes for the old desks before we move in the new one so it is just sitting in its boxes. For the price of one desk we only mostly liked at HOM, we got two good chairs and a desk so it was a productive day. I have plans for one of the desks, I want to move it into my fabric room to replace the folding table in there but if anyone wants the other it is free for the taking!

I did not get much sewing done, I’m at a point where I need advice so I’m going over to G2’s tonight for help and by the end of the last couple days my eyes have been tired. I am still very pleased with my eyesight and the only annoying part is the plastic shields I need to wear at night to make sure I don’t rub my eyes in my sleep because they need to be taped on and the glue from the tape refuses to get off my skin so I feel a little like a post-it note.

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