Wednesday, January 11, 2006

De-Lurker week

Mood: good
Weather: gray
Gas: $2.26

I owe a post to the internet universe

However - this week is delurker week - so please leave me a message so I know who is reading.

It is week 10 of being princess and we are revving up for the busy season. Yesterday we set our schedule for the remainder of the reign and we actually had to not go to an event that I wanted to go to because we would have 8 events in a row. We are going to one event in the east to see friends and family but ironically it is only two weeks after coronation when a ton of east coast friends and family are coming to see us. It really is the best event for us to go to though so we are keeping it. There are some issues with the schedule like groups all want to do events on the same weekend but nobody wants to do one on the weekend before or after... We have a dead zone right after coronation, it may be Easter come to think of it, but our first event as king and queen will be in the east and the second will be a fencing event - after that it is basically all wars.

Work is work - my replacement for my old job was finally hired and I trained him some yesterday. I found out nobody trains here because word got out I was training and I had all sorts of new people from other groups coming over to ask questions. I think I'll be putting together a welcome to purchasing book so I don't end up being the only trainer in the building. Plus, then I can tell them to do it my way.

I am glad to be home this weekend. Lars is going to an event and I plan on sewing and cleaning and hanging out in my PJ's. I may leave the house to get more fabric but that will be it! He is also gone next weekend and I really don't like being alone two weekends in a row so I might find an event to go to or something. I am planning on making a few new outfits for Lars, a new fighting one, a new Houpe, and maybe something else but I'm not sure what.

Thats it for now - delurk for me - Later


Anonymous said...

Does it count as lurking if I already told you I occasionally read your blog?

Here's a new blog for your blogroll. Mine.


Petranella said...

Hey, I have too much free time currently at my new job so got snoopy.

FYI - your shift is almost done and L's shirt is cut out.

eightk said...

Are you still alive, or what?