Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Items served at lunch today;

Goose feet
Jelly fish
Pig intestine
Beef entrails
Roast pigeon
Fish soup (including fish eyeballs)
Pork fat (fried, because what makes fat better then frying in fat)
I could go on but I would rather not think about them.... I did eat some rice, some over cooked corn, what I hope was a potato pancake and my granola bar in the car after.

Today went very well actually, we got a lot done and saw a very good facility. The drive was uneventful and now I am in ShangHai in another beautiful hotel room and as I was writing the doorbell rang and I was delivered a fruit plate. I won’t eat it now because we are going to dinner in a restaurant with what is supposed to be a fantastic view and I’m hoping food that is ‘Western Friendly’.

There are a few topics rolling around in my head that I plan on posting about;
hideous toilets
Sudden movie star status
Chinese men

Here’s hoping tomorrow goes well....


mac menamin said...

One has to wonder what happened to the rest of the animal. If the Goose feet are saved for the honored guests, who gets the meat from the goose. Probably fed to the dog (which will be served in the next restaurant)

Liz said...

Thanks for taking the time to post about your trip. This is fun living vicariously! Hope your dinner is better, but if not, you have the fruit.