Sunday, September 18, 2005

Should I still own silver pleather pants?

Mood: happy
Weather: pretty
Gas: $2.58 ish but haven't been out yet to check

I went straight from a busy, productive day where my opinion was valued and needed in meetings and people actually wait for my e-mails to home to change for Greenday. I chose to dress punk for the occasion and pulled out the silver pleather pants my sister gave me and a black tank top with silver dragons. Lars' comment is 'you've grown out of that' and I retorted that I had not and the pants were actually a bit big etc but I did get that his point was not about size. I found the shoes I wanted to wear were covered in mold (mold does not happen often, these shoes had been worn 4-wheeling and there was very gross puddle water and now I know how gross it was) so Lars suggested I just wear my black work shoes, high heal loafers, and I suppose as a sign of my 'age' I just put them on and left. While driving there I collected a few things that show I really don't belong in these clothes;
1. I was wearing penny loafers
2. With white athletic socks because I didn't change from the socks I wore w sneakers all day
3. My underwear showed and I could have changed but choose to tie a sweatshirt around my waist instead
I still like dressing up and when I got there with friends we saw the average age was about 12. I'm not joking, the box next to us was FULL of 9 year olds and there were tons of kids. The music was good and I enjoyed the extra stuff they put into the show with the lights and the fire but there was a distinctly Nazi overtone to the first half of the show. I'm talking ceiling to floor black and red drapes, with the angry fist symbol AND the talon (very Nazi). On top of that they got the entire audience (except me) to pump their right hand into the air and make a sound very much like 'Hile'. On there cool huge screen they were showing cartoon bombing scenes of the bombing of Briton, a little disturbing but I really am not sure how much of the crowd got it. While I was bouncing along to the music but not participating in the gestures and noises my friend said I was too Republican and loosen up and I just said I'm not a Nazi (and neither were the 8000 other young white blond people all around me but it made a pretty sick picture). They did a cool thing bringing 3 people from the crowd to play a song, they even got a 10 year old boy to come be the guitarist. He was so cute, he hugged Billy Joe and actually did know how to play. At the end of the song the guy who got picked to play base smashed it on the stage and the security people jumped him. (8k, let me know if it was the same at your show) The joke was on that guy because the kid got to keep the guitar BillyJo had used for the first half and he just got a trip with security.

The whole night was enjoyable, even sitting in the parking garage for 20 min waiting my turn to leave was not so bad because I had a good book on tape to listen to. I got home at 12:30 and woke up just fine the next day, no permanent hearing loss.

Yesterday I played gopher in my yard and transplanted the lilac bushes that were growing straight in front of the door to around the side of the house. I believe a few at least will live. I found 5 big gross grubs and threw them on the driveway for birds. In the end the birds never got them, my friendly yard ants found them and somehow carved them up and took them away. They are very nasty bugs so I'm glad they got eaten up just like they eat my poor bushes. While outside I met two sets of neighbors so it was a nice social day. Today I have already exercised and next on the list is errands including getting stuff for my sisters baby shower.

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