Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Another weekend has past and week begun. Saturday Lars and I (mostly I) drove to Fargo and back for crown. It was a very nice event and there were tons of people I wanted to see and talk to and I got to talk to atleast half of them. The tournament outcome was surprising and I think it even surprised the winners, I’m sure they will be fine and sometimes the unknown is fun because it is obviously not predictable.

Last week went reasonably well. I finished my stats final and I am hoping grades are posted soon so I can find out my grade. I got an A on the paper (1/4) and a B on my midterm (1/4) and an A on my homework/classwork (1/4) and the final quarter is the final…. I am thinking I got either a B+ or an A, depends on the curve really, but I felt much better prepared. I never got the Who’s who finished for crown because it got lost in computer land and I didn’t have time to redo it and also study but I don’t think anyone really missed it.

Sunday Lars and I went to Ikea and got 400 square feet of flooring for the down down stairs room. We got the light blond color that matches the real wood in the rest of the house but since the lower level might get damp I didn’t want anything too expensive. Cork is now entirely out of the equation. I need to clear the deck down there and get going on the underlay stuff but hopefully I can get it all in over this week and weekend (wishful thinking). I’m taking suggestions for paint color down there, I’m inclined to go with a light yellow but I really have no idea.

This week was going to be hectic because I was supposed to be traveling and I shuffled stuff all over the place and now the trip is canceled. I really had work to do with the supplier and now I need to find another time that works but on the bright side I am here all week and have pretty open schedule that will hopefully allow for flooring. I mowed the lawn last night and contemplated gardening, the tulips are done and I have nothing on deck… I’m not sure where to start and I have no garden network so if anyone local knows someone who wants to divide out some daylilies or something I have good spots for them.

I am at the offsite office, suffering from lack of sun but I know that today is pretty gray outside so I’m not missing much. Yesterday was 90 degrees, today is 60, someday we will settle on summer. I need to get working so this is it for now.

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