Wednesday, May 30, 2007

public or private?

I have gotten out of the blogging habit… easy to fall in and out of I’m sure you all understand. Once you miss a few days then the posts end up being massive overviews of what happened and that is pretty much what I do. Every so often I get extra time or just into the blogging thing more and post lots of small updates or observations and I think in a few weeks I’ll have more time at work to post but right now is an extra busy time. There is also the factor that this is a very public blog and I have no idea who about half of the people who read are therefore I don’t really express any strong opinions or write on any really personal topics… that is my own choice really but I am thinking about making this a password/invite only blog but I like thinking that something I said helps other people out. I get tons of hits on my ‘cat peed on my bed’ entry and since I know I googled that exact phrase and got no help I think I’m helping. I also get a lot of hits for reasons to party and monkey fabric. I don’t think I have the time to write two blogs so I’ll be deciding soon what direction I am going to go, if you have a vote, email me;

Since my last post about flooring I have done tons of stuff especially since I did the flooring over the weekend of May 12-13. I was so sore from that flooring I could barely walk for days, it was a very physical job with lots of kneeling, getting up and down off the floor a million times, and manhandling the planks into place. Lars did help, he pitched in on some of the more complicated cuts acting as clamp while I sawed and he also was a huge help by bringing down supplies so I didn’t have to keep running up and down the stairs. He also held up the washer and dryer while I put flooring under them. Sunday night we looked at paint for the room and I think we are going with a dark yet bright blue name liberty so maybe this weekend I’ll get paint on the walls and trim back up and them move all the stuff back in. We have no real plan for the room, it might be the exercise room, it might be the SCA room, not really sure but since it is adjacent to our cool new patio and we are throwing a nice big party we need it to be decent enough for an extra party space and now it is.

This past weekend we went to Ages of War in Iowa. The weather was great especially since we camped in a hotel. Hotel camping means way less gear therefore more people fit in cars and we took two viaciles with 4 people each so we were doing pretty well. It was disappointing that Calontir really didn’t turn up in great numbers but that happens. Lars and I started this event last year with the King and Queen of Calontir and we were really hoping it would live on. It still happened and maybe it will grow next year again, I know if we win crown again we will talk it up. Monday I took an extra road trip to a site that we had to move a ton of stuff and I’m really glad a lot of people turned out to help because it went very quickly but it was an odd way to spend Memorial day.

Next week I start my next MBA class, I got a B+ on the last one and submitted my reimbursement request so hopefully I get the money to pay for the next semester in time. We are feeling a little bank account light because we wrote the big check yesterday to buy Lars’s brother’s house in PA. It wasn’t really that expensive and it is a good investment but writing the check is hard (I made Lars do it). The whole PA house project took way too much effort and entailed way too much drama so hopefully we can put that behind us now that we closed and all the hoops are jumped and papers signed. Lars and I were starting to loose it with all the dates and meetings to sign stuff and now we can go back to our regularly scheduled life.

This weekend is not planned other then maybe painting and maybe sewing~


Liz said...

I tend to stay pretty neutral in my blog as well. Usually it's just me rambling about various projects.
(speaking of, Setti's pavilion is done. The roof for both yours and G primes is also done)

Your blog, your choice.

It will be fun to see the pictures of your finished room. The flooring looks great!

mike said...

Does Blogger have the option to password protect some posts but not others? You could go semi-private/semi-public.