Friday, July 29, 2005

Mice Beware

Mood: good
Weather: sunny, nice, heat predicted to come back this weekend

So this afternoon I think, "I would like to post but I really don't have much to say". I chat with coworkers on my way out, go home, read E-mail and then Lars announces that there are 2 dead mice on the porch. Two dead mice are obviously news worthy to the cats because they were meowing up a storm showing them off. I pet them and said 'good cat' and gave them treats all in the presence of two tiny mouse bodies. I know it is a sign of cat love but I sure don't love the disposal process. I actually don't know what to do with the bodies... the first time I freaked out, drove to a gas station with the body in a ziplock bag and threw it out there. The second time I chucked it over the back fence into the stream/ditch area. I have decided driving mice bodies all over town is gross, and chucking them over the fence may attract other animals, so, they are in a tied up grocery bag in our outside trash can. I really think the cats should be out of mice to hunt by now but this explains why they like staying out all night.

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