Wednesday, July 27, 2005

My busy 'nothing' weekend

Mood: busy
Weather: sunny and cool

For the first weekend in 4 weeks I had nothing really planned. Actually we were invited to a 6year olds birthday on Sunday but that was just a littl thing not a huge weekend eating project/trip/visitor. My friend got married back in NY and I was vaguely thinking about it while I was contentedly sitting in lounge wear on the coach with Harry Potter and a cup of coffee. I had about 100 pages to finish and Lars was out so I wasn't going to move for anything. Well... as the dramatic ending was unfolding all of a sudden the sky outside turned pitch black and I remember that stupid cat is outside. Just then there is a huge down pour and my first thought was that stupid cat has been preferring to chase bugs in the drainage ditch in the way back of the yard and it is the first spot to flash flood. So, I go out the back door with treats (to shake so he will show himself) and notice the brand new deck umbrella taking flight. I attempted to catch it but basically got out of the way as gale force wind whipped it past me onto the roof where it got stuck on the furnace vent pipe. I gave half a thought to climbing up onto the roof to get it but decided that 1. I needed to find the cat, 2. I don't like being on the roof in nice weather 3. I was already 100% soaked to the skin. In bare feet, cotton shorts and t-shirt I ran around to the back of the property and it was raining so hard I could barley see and even under a tree it felt like I was in a shower. The stream bed was getting full and I shook the treats and Mr. Pink poked his head out. He saw me and ran half way and I had to go haul him out of the water. I more or less flung him on the lawn because I'm not carrying a wet upset cat who can actually run way faster then me. We ran back to the house and he beat me to the door and I got inside just in time to answer the phone - it was Lars telling me in was raining. I changed, mopped up the puddle I made and Mr. Pink just looked at me like him being wet was my fault. That was the dramatic portion of the day. I went back to the couch, finished the book and was about to start sewing a tunic when Lars got home and we rescued the umbrella from the roof because it was now bright and sunny out. Technically that was a tornado condition. I think they should have more litature or something when east coast people move to the Midwest. I know all about storms, hurricanes, nor-easters, gale, squall but nada on tornados. I was supposed to be sitting in the basement with candles and canned goods not running around the yard or sitting by a big window reading a book. All ended up fine but now I know what a tornado storm looks like.

We also ate alot of steak this weekend. Too much really. Remember Lars bought a ton of steaks from the butcher last week to 'save' money. Well we took 6 out of the freezer to eat with friends Friday night. Our friend is a very particular steak cooker and would not cook frozen steak or defrost it in the microwave so Lars and he went to the store to get more steak. It was a good dinner cooked very well. So Sat they call and invite us over to eat the steak that is now defrosted. We go since we don't like cooking and anyone offering to cook we will go there. The butcher steaks were 100 times better then the grocery store steak but steak two days in a row is hard on the system. Sunday night (after the birthday party) we decided to have tuna sandwiches - easy to make and not steak.

I made a very nice tunic for Lars, it took the whole day but it is one of the better ones I've ever done. It is a striped material and I made sure all the stripes lined up and I made a riders slit perfectly centered and lined. He was correctly appreciative of my efforts and likes it alot. Pennsic is only a few weeks away but I think I'm actually fairly squared away with garb. (knock on wood) hopefully everything I want to bring fits in the car with the 3rd person we are taking and his stuff...

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