Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I think bad luck might be contagious

Mood: fine
Weather:very nice, in the high 90's, sunny, and not humid

There have been a rash of bad luck happenings around me;

Neighbor; 6 months pregnant, has a 1 year old, and her husband just started his own business
1st - the major piece of equipment for the shop didn't work
2nd - found the problem was electric, paid 2,000 to fix
3rd - machine was damaged from trying to make it work before and needed new fuses (better then a blown motor)
4th - during this, their water pressure tank blew leaving them without water from last Friday til yesterday
5th - the family cars break line ruptured as she was leaving the neighborhood, she was able to just go back around the block and coast to a stop.

Friends further north have better luck overall but they have not had 48 hours straight without a power out for over 3 months.

I thought I had dodged it but today I forgot my wallet and as I turned into the work road the low fuel light came on. I am sure I'll be fine since home is only 8 miles away but I planned for the worst and I will call Lars right when I'm leaving and if I'm not home in 10 min he has to come find me. (my cell phone is on the kitchen counter) Seriously! I always have my phone and wallet....

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