Thursday, July 28, 2005

Hello BR

Mood: avoiding exercise
Weather: 80 and sunny 0 humidity (gotta have something good about the state)

My title welcomes one of my oldest (as in known longest) friends who judging from the IP address finally found the site! She attended the friends wedding this past weekend and I must say she looked fabulous, thin, and has very buff arms in the pictures I've seen.

So far today I helped save my company over 1 million dollars - I'm not joking or exaggerating, it was very cool to finally get this far on a cost savings project. I also just finished a very strange book - review forthcoming but it is very strange and I have to think about if I want to recommend it or not.

Yesterday I hit a milestone in my dance class. I not only danced all the dances we have learned with minimum of mistakes I actually did them at full speed with the advanced class that is right after mine. I think the correct shoes actually help so I'm glad I got them even if they pinch my toes. In sept I will be bumped into the advanced class but I still have the option to go to the beginner class at 7 for the same price. It is an excellent deal, $5 a class and I can go from 7-9:30 and the teachers are both nationally ranked dancers and are very nice. All we have to do is suffer through is bad jokes but for the price I can handle it.

Now I must exercise, no more procrastinating

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