Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My parents are home and I am back at work.

Mood: thoughtful
Weather: despite the weather man - it is gorgeous

They actually left yesterday and last night was odd because nobody was around. I took advantage of the time and sat in the shade on the deck and read 100 pages of Harry Potter. I think I need to re-read the last book, I vividly remember reading the book but I'm forgetting details of the story. A ton has changed in my life between the last book and this one. The last book Lars and I were already in MN but I didn't have a 'real' job. I was substitute teaching for 2 districts and getting about 2 jobs a week. As a sub I basically got to read for the majority of the day because the teacher would have left work that I would introduce, help for about 5 min and then just have to sit there and make sure nobody misbehaved. Since then, I have heard from teacher friends that they bribe and threaten their kids to be perfect for subs so that's probably why my job was mostly easy. Anyway, Harry Potter came on a day I didn't have work and I can distinctly remember sitting in my nice sunny bedroom reading at least half the day. I ended up rationing myself because I would have finished it too fast. While I wasn't working much I tried to get every errand done during working hours so I could spend time with Lars, sorta like a stay at home mom with no kids. Harry Potter actually helped me get my last job, I was on an interview and the guy mentioned it and we ended up talking about it for 10 min and he offered me the job the next day.

I am enjoying the book and I am enjoying the remembering of the other books so it is an all around good experience.

Today I feel like I got very little done at work but in all actuality I got a bunch done. I also talked to two friends (rare for a work day) both are doing ok. My one friend is having a hard time but (if your reading you know who you are) she has it under control and the bad stuff makes the good stuff better. Another person I know is getting married this weekend and I'm obviously not going. At first I thought my parents visit was the same weekend but even though it wasn't I could not have taken off days two weeks in a row. On top of that I feel very cut off from her since my wedding. I know she is busy getting married but it would have been nice to have a phone call returned. Oh well, life goes on for us all. I do my best to keep up with my east coast friends but it is pretty hard sometimes.

Enough lamenting - back to work, the quicker I'm done the faster I get home to read.

ps. I got the special shoes for the dance class I'm taking and they are so slippy I might make a huge fool of myself tonight... update on that tomorrow.

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