Thursday, December 22, 2005

Christmas at work

Mood: good
Weather: gray and about 32
Gas: $2.15

I have two topics to post about, one is about the cool amount of loot I end up with around the holidays from work, second is an insightful comparison between crowns on teeth and crowns in the SCA. Here is the first;

As a purchasing agent I have a ton of suppliers and around the holidays our work is more or less a buffet of cookies and candy and nuts. We all share any shareable food item with other people in the company to keep things fair. We also have a firm policy of no gifts over $25 so none of this is really 'great' stuff but still fun. So far I have received;

Shared items;
tins of nuts
tins of popcorn
calendars - over 20
date book (kept one, shared the other 5)

Not shared,
Box of cheese
money clip
tin box from Germany
collection of jams

...another 8 good reasons to like my job

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