Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lets not talk about the race

Mood: sunburned
Weather: sunny

My title is not all true - Our team did well and it was a fun day overall. I was 1st for a while in my race but got bumped one too many times and ended up getting flagged. I really don't understand why I got a penalty, throughout the day we all decided that the flagger ref guy was either A. high or B. a highschool drop-out with very little skills. Probably both. Anyway, I ended up 7th but got compliments all around. Other people on the team did very well, we had 2 people get 1st places in their race and a second and a thrid place. In the end it really came down to luck, the guy who was so close to winning got a dud cart and it cost him 2 laps, he still ended 4th so he had skill - just not luck.

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