Friday, January 26, 2007

Date night Thursday (kinda)

Finally, FINALLY the Korea/China trip is just about planned.  By some virtue I can not identify, I was elected trip coordinator for this so yesterday I put pen to paper (ok, keyboard to excel) and planned out the route.   We will be leaving the US on Sat Mar 3 and returning Tuesday March 13 so I will be missing Haire Affair and one Masters class but that isn't too bad.   First stop is Korea, then Shanghai, then Chongqing, then back to Shanghai and then back home.  Since we cover two weekends, the second weekend we are going to sight-see, why go alllll the way there to do nothing but work and come back and since we need to be there that Monday for one last supplier visit we have the weekend to see the sights.   This won't be a vacation by any stretch of the imagination; we are going nonstop for most of this, but it will be a good stamp in the passport.


Last night I did not get to clean much, I got home and our friend Timmy called and wanted to do dinner and a movie.   I said we had to grocery shop too so all three of us ate at Famous Dave's, then shopped, then went to the 9:10 showing of the Good Sheppard.  The food was good, the grocery store was all but abandoned, and the movie was good but on the confusing side.   I think it is one of those movies that you just have to see twice, not that there are surprises since I basically knew the history of CIA but there are just a ton of people to keep track of and everyone is crossing and double crossing each other.   Matt Damon is one of my favorite actors and he plays a pretty stoic role in this but he plays a good character and I was interested the entire time even though it didn't end until nearly 12.   Finding a movie we all wanted was difficult because a lot of good ones come out today but I would recommend it overall.  Got home, unpacked groceries, and then straight to bed - cleaning is now pushed off until Sat because we are going to see T&K tonight and we haven't been up to see them in 3 weeks.  

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