Thursday, January 25, 2007

reason for the quiet

I've been delinquent at blogging.  Basically we had a huge problem that didn't work out too well that I don't really want to go into however it has been a dominant thing over the past week.   Because I don't really want to talk about it, I don't really have much else to say... 


Yesterday I spent the entire afternoon cleaning and only made a dent in the mess.  We havn't done a good housecleaning since before we went to Mexico so I started yesterday.  I got the bedroom and bathroom clean and folded all the laundry.  All the Christmas stuff is down and the boxes are away.  Today I hope to get the diningroom and livingroom clean so over the weekend I can sew.  


Today I did one exciting thing, I finally found the sneaker/shoes that I have been wanting;

I already have them in brown but black has been pretty hard to find.  They are very comfortable and look professional enough that I can wear them to work.   They are one of those shoes that look good with pants and skirts and you can wear with or without socks.  If they weren't $50 a pair I would own every color.


Over the next few weeks we hope to get over this problem, there really isn't any fixing that can be done but we do have options on how to move forward.   I'm sure as we get working on options and there is more distance between me and the problem I'll be more chipper and more apt to blog stuff.

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Liz said...

sorry about the problem, hope it blows over.