Friday, January 05, 2007

weekend is almost here

I think my work has a worm hole or a time warp or something.  Nomatter how late I think it is or how early I think it is in the afternoon I look at the clock and it is around 2pm.   I have been very productive this afternoon and I was sure it was quarter to four and nope, it is 2:15.  I still have Friday stuff to do before I leave but I'm taking a blog break to say more or less nothing.


Cold status is lowered to 5-10 tissues


List of things to do this afternoon is growing, we (mostly I) took responsibility for the neighbors dogs for the weekend, I have thrones to transport, bag to pack for the weekend....   I worked out Tuesday and Wednesday so it would be great to get a run in but I don't think that will happen before we go to T&Ks for our weekly visit.   Yesterday afternoon I was very lazy, I finished my Stephen King book Leslie's Story, did the monthly bills, talked to a few people on the phone and spent the rest of the evening watching TV.   8K has been doing a reading challenge,  50 books a year, I think I'll give it a go just to see how many I actually read in a year.   I'm not sure if there are rules as to what counts as a book (do text books count?) and if there is supposed to be a spread of different genres but I usually read what is handy so maybe this will encourage me to read better books so I'm not embarrassed by 50 romance novels.


... I'm bet my Mom reads 200 a year and I think I read at least 50 but I'll keep track this year just to see.   Speaking of Mom, she now blogs, a little, and even if it is just running commentary on what her roomba does and how many martial arts classes she attends I appreciate the information.  She remarks in one post that talking to strangers about random details in the grocery store is discouraged but unknown internet people are ok.
So anyone else have good weekend plans?  I know I'll be seeing a few of you at the event this weekend, to everyone else, have fun.
PS 7 days to Cancun

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eightk said...

Dude, I sucked really hard at my reading challenge this year. I so doing it again in 2007.