Friday, June 24, 2005

I have new hair

Mood: good
Weather: rained but now it's sunny

Ok, it is still my original hair but I got it cut and highlighted last night. I really like it, it is short and bouncy and flip out at the bottom. The highlights are very natural looking caramel color and it really looks like I have been out in the sun. My hairdresser is a woman I used to work with at the boring old job and we gossiped about where everyone got new jobs and who was doing what. It was a 3 hour appointment but very worth it. Lars likes it too and he didn't know if he would, short hair is still new for us but it makes me look more professional yet still young.

Yesterday the artic zone of MN hit 98 degrees. The natives here are melting but I'm very happy that it is finally warm every day. We turned on the central air yesterday for the first time and set it at 85 - it had turned off by 11pm because the temp fell to in the low 70's outside and inside cooled off. I miss the open windows and the breezes, we have done well with that for the last few warm weeks but we have central air and we might as well test it.

This weekend will be deticated to cleaning and maybe getting the flower boxes done. I'm very slow with projects... I have a work open house on Sat and a christining on sat morning and hopefully the rest of the weekend will be productive.

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eightk said...

Picture of the hair, please! We loves new cute hair styles!