Monday, June 06, 2005

We stayed up til 2 am

Mood: sleepy
Weather: sunny for the moment

This weekend ended up pretty full. I did get the powerwasher and powerwashed the deck. It currently looks clean but worse then ever because I blasted so much loose paint. My hands were vibrating for an hour after doing it but the work went really quickly. I briefly thought that I could blast off all the paint and then we can stain/varnish but the spot I tried ended up looking very bad because the softer parts of the wood flew off with the paint and that would make a pretty ugly and bumpy deck. I got the deck done in 3 hours and moved on to the siding and other wood around the property. It rained on me when I was washing the front of the house but I was wet already and just figured I would finish. The rain gave the deck a nice final rinse... then it 'rinsed' again on Sunday - hopefully it can dry in the next few days so we can paint!

After powerwashing in the rain I took a shower (ironic since I was about as wet as I could get before the shower) and we went out to an art fair down town with our neighbors. The rain had stopped and actually cleared out the worst of the crowd but we only saw about a quarter of the booths by the time they were closing. There were a few really awesome photography displays and we will end up buying at least one print for a friends birthday but the majority of the fair was overpriced but fun to look at. Lars and I ended up with a bunch of free organic soap because as we were walking by the shop the wall fell down and the little man could not get one end up without the other end falling down. We helped him out but it was a comedy of errors as the wall kept falling down (note, duct tape does not work the best in the rain...) and he was a pretty hyper little gnome and kept shoving bars of soap at us after we got the wall up. Lars would like to point out that either this soap doesn't work too well or the guy didn't use enough because he did not smell like a flower.

We all went to dinner at Trigs, a trendy new place with great decorating and ok food. The neighbors knew a waiter there and it was a whole new dining experience to actually have someone on the inside. The place had an outdoor fire area and when we looked out there the Neighbors saw about 8 people they knew so we ended up hanging out until 2am. I had a good time and met new cool people but I would have preferred to leave at midnight, 1 at the latest, that last hour started to grate. The Neighbor mom is 4 months pregnant and they had their one year old with them so I'm sure they were ready to go earlier too but it was a fun day even if it was reallllly long. The waiter they know is a cute single guy interested in meeting a certain friend of mine. I'll IM you the details~

Sunday was just an odd day because sleep schedules being off. I got the hot tub clean and refilled but now it smells very chemically so I need to start the balancing act tonight to get it back in working order. There is nothing good about sitting in a hot tub of acid. I picked up a few used books so I'm back in the reading game, I'll give some feedback after I get into them.

So work again - full week - and I better get to it.

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