Saturday, February 12, 2005

Two days without news

Mood: very good
Weather: sunny and 45

Wow, I haven't posted in two whole days! I know, everyone thought I died in a tragic snow mobile accident but for real I just got busy. Here is my report;

Flying in a private plane looses the cool factor when you cram in too many people and have to be there at 6am. The flight there and back was uneventful and it was good to spend some time getting to know my co-workers. The plant up north is huge, I'm talking about three quarters of a mile square of assembly line. It was also strangely full of beautiful people, very tall thing Nordic people. I did get to snow mobile but it wasn't set up for me like I was told, I ended up finding someone and batting my eyelashes at him to get him to take Kelly and I out. My whole lesson was 'This side is da gas, this side is da break' and he started it for me and we rode for about 45 min. I did ok, it really isn't hard, and we got to 'race' and I went 65mph (feels faster on a sled). It was a looooong day but the pilot stepped on the gas and we were back to the airport by 6:30pm. Lars and I had planned on going out to dinner and since it was still relatively early we went out (taped my Thursday TV).

Here is my suburbs restaurant review; Corner Stone Pub - 3 stars. Great corner location with plenty of easy parking. The pork loin was very very tender and the waitstaff was adequate. The Jerk chicken was not jerk per say (no sweet, only hot) but still enjoyable. The decor was well done and it had an English tavern feel with wood paneling. Price was very good and the special was a great deal (only $6!). The only drawback was the bar area was very smoky and you had to run the gauntlet to get to the dining area. We will be back again.

To my war with companies etc- I won overall but I'm not done yet. The direct TV gave in and came out today to move my tvbox to where I wanted it (for free). The Phone people are coming this afternoon to fix the phone lines. I got my old apt to pay the entire electric bill. I also got pretty far on getting a TiVo, have to call back about that... Took a while on the phone but it worked out.

Today I'm going to make curtains and clean, I haven't cleaned all week~

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