Sunday, February 11, 2007


So the bathroom project... I can't find the picture of the bathroom pre -changes but, it is basically this room but white. We choose a nice bright spring green for the room.

Then I chopped up alot of crown molding, we spent alot of time on lots of websites and found this one was best.

We made templates and looked at our directions just about every cut but in the end we got it. We call our collected leftovers opportunities to make small molding shelves
I also invested in a fun air compressor and I continue to believe that I would write better instructions then they do because this one didn't even have directions for some of the parts and it was dead wrong about other things like saying it came with oil and to run it for thirty min. I checked, it did not have oil... good thing I didn't follow that directions. Pictured is my montage to the construction process; Charlie the chop saw, box of future shelves, our templates and directions, and a loud can of air.

So here is the final product. We didn't pick the easiest room in the house but we did pick the smallest.

As a great man said, it looks good to a blind man on a galloping horse. All I can say is it is finished and I am more or less pleased. Many thanks to Jenny who prodded me into action.


eightk said...

That's such a great color for a bathroom! I love it!

Kate said...

Thank You. We took about 8 months to decide, and in the end it was the first one we picked. It is inspired by the shower curtain that is from Pottery Barn and is postcards and maps and very fun.

Salli Weston, said...

Looks great, I think my upstairs bathroom is the same color.

Liz said...

I like it, especially the color. Very fresh! Good job on the molding, that is not easy to get right.