Thursday, February 08, 2007

heart healthy

So healthy update....  I've been pretty good about running on the elliptical 2-3 days a week especially since I can see my shows thanks to Tivo network, I noticed over the past few times I couldn't get my aerobic target heart rate until the end of the workout.   I was thinking that I must not be working hard enough but according to Healthy Roads lady my heart is improving!  I should have guessed that myself because I am on the same machine, going the same distance ( 1.2 mi), at the same resistance (4), at the same relative speed (50-55 steps per min) and the only changed variable was me.  I am taking that as good news, all that fruit and whole grains and general exercise is doing some good.   I'll have to sit down this weekend and recalculate my target rates and update the post-it on my machine.  She also suggested upping the resistance so I'll probably do that too.  


Unhealthy update is my lunches this week;  Today was school lunch and it was some sort of noodles and meat served with questionable green beans and pieces of butter/garlic soaked toast (tasty but fatty).   Yesterday is my off site day so I ate my lean pocket, can't really do any good lunch there because there isn't fridge space for my normal chicken and greens.   Tuesday was the conference so we ate some fancy chicken thing with stuffing and sauce and Monday I went home for lunch to meet the cleaning lady and had a sandwich and chips.  So far I have spent $0 on lunch but it hasn't really been good for me.  Tomorrow I'll do the salad thing if my chicken from last week is still good, otherwise I might call the week a wash and just buy lunch at work.

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