Monday, May 02, 2005

Big long update - hope you have 10min

Mood:fair - trying to kick a cold
Weather: miserable, it is trying to snow and it is April

So I haven't posted in a week... What has happened that is of note;

Beverly's visit - very fun, we trekked all over including the Mall of America, the Grand Casino, various places to eat etc. Bev had quite a habit of cooking and doing dishes, not a problem for me, she can visit any time.

First week at my new location; Monday and Tuesday were so hectic that I was busy non stop. The were demanding their boxes back by the end of Tuesday so I dumped all my stuff on my new super size desk. Wednesday and Thursday were no better, I've been deep in a few projects that were time sensitive so it was an all hands on deck. By Friday there was a respite so I took a little time to 'move in' and I am organized and I have a clean desk. The coolest thing so far about the new space is the cube design. We get 'accessory' wall space where different types of organizers hang. The whole building looks awesome and streamlined but I can't help thinking that in 30 years we will look at it like it is a relic. I am at the end of a row so good thing I'm social because everyone says hi as they walk by. I also get to serve as floor watcher, I'm semi expected to know where the 5 people in the row behind me are (since they have to pass me to get out). The design is very low, most of the walls are about 4ft tall so I can stand up and see half the office. I am now close enough to home that I could go home for lunch but haven't had time yet, maybe this week. My commute now is apx 15min - must be my karma from commuting an hour each way to Chaska.

Home-front; I have done nothing more then basic housekeeping for over a week. This weekend I just didn't feel up to speed, either allergies or a cold but I keep getting it so I'm thinking allergies. Lars and I played X-box for hours on Sat and we watched 'Erased' the movie about the woman who had her kid erased from the world. it was good but had an anticlimactic ending. Lars and I did get out to the mall to see my Dance teacher and his competition team perform. They are awesome but I can never be on a competition team; half because it is alot of weekend work that I don't have time for with the SCA and more importantly they wear shiny ruffely bright blue (with sequins) outfits that make figure skaters costumes look like normal street wear. I'll just keep taking the class because it is a fun and social thing to do.

SCA; I need to finish my crown project and make a dress - crown is next weekend. If Lars wins we will be busy people for a year but it will be a fun busy. I finished the 'Who's Who' - fundraiser for crown that has all the combatants and consorts and a blurb about them. This year I was inspired to write limericks for everyone. It actually went really fast except for the 2 couples that I didn't know at all. I'll have to make it a point to meet them I suppose. I always get nervous that someone will be offended by the booklet but so far only good reactions. it also gives me something to do other then being nervous for the night before and the morning (I sell them for a dollar).

Future stuff; I'm starting round two of home improvement. Top of the list is the built in shelves I want in the downstairs room. Might happen before July but if not I might be able to talk dad into helping ;). May is a busy month, this weekend is an event in WI that I probably won't go to so I can sew (but Lars will go). Weekend after is Crown, weekend after that we are helping a friend move and possibly doing a friends son's birthday party plus Lars may go to an even on the other side of the earth (Mt Rushmore SD). Weekend after is a local event and a good friends little girls birthday and thats all of May. I want to wait til after crown to make more future plans.

ok that is tons for today. Oh, I would also like to note that donuts are tasty but eating donut plus lunch plus rice crispy treat makes me sick.

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