Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Is it Monday or Tuesday?

Weather: sunny!

yesterday felt so like Sunday that today should be Monday, but fortunately it is Tuesday so closer to another weekend. I have tons to do at work but it is back to a pretty even pace so lunch today I got to catch up on all the people I read and have a little time leftover to post. Today it is actually going to hit 80 degrees out and it isn't raining so I might be able to power wash stuff (still have to call home depot for details on that). I did not get very far on my window boxes, purchased supplies and thats about it. I am hoping my neighbor will let me use his table saw to cut all my pieces of wood because a circular saw is not making very straight lines.

Comments for people who read;

Gone South - congratulations on your baby bird!
8K - where are you???
Dad - can you mail the wedding albums back to me? I keep forgetting to ask when I call - Lars' parents will be here in late June and will want to see them.

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