Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Search Follow-up

know, I either don't post or I post two in a row... I just checked my stats and there were a few things I need to give input on.

I get the most searches finding me by 'monkey curtains' - I made them myself, I bought the end of the bolt of discontinued monkey toile but if you want directions on curtains let me know

I also get a scary amount of searches finding me by 'sick cat' or 'sick kitty' - my cat likes to eat bad things and it gets stuck in their stomachs/intestines blocking the way for normal food to pass. Step one, force feed the cat keopectate - available in any pet store usually sold as hairball medicine. Anyway it is in a tube and the primary ingredients are Petroleum and Malt. The thing that solved my cats most recent problem was undoing the string that was under his tongue (and had been there for days creating the problem) - once it was unhooked it took two days for it to come out the other end but if it hadn't come out after 2 days he would have needed surgery. **I'm not giving professional vet advice just passing on info that helped me** I also fed the cat tuna mixed with pedialite, that usually stayed down and hydrated him. Bottom line, when you cat acts sick get him checked out because they probably are sick, and if you sew, check for the string under the tongue.

Last - I get a bunch of searches for 'planting raspberry bushes' or 'planting pine trees' - for the record, both are still alive and the raspberry bush has lots of leaves but I don't suggest my method so if you find my site from that the entry is humorous but not really a good guide for tree planting. Check out HGTV.com of DIY.com for real info.

I also think it is fun to see all the countries that search and find me - Hi to all

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