Monday, May 16, 2005

Not the princess

Mood: fine
Weather: getting sunny again

First things first, Mr Pink is 100% better. The string has come out the other end and he is acting his normal self.

Second, Crown, bottom line is Lars did not win. I have strong feelings about the the person who won but since this is a public site I won't talk much about my feelings on that. The day was very hard, my stomach was in knots for alot of it but Lars was the most chivalrous there. He gave point to many of the fighters and that impressed the crowd and crown.

Other then right after, we are both fine with the outcome, we had a great steak dinner offsite with a bunch of friends. We spent the night to relax and got home noon the next day. We found a kid yesterday that for $25 mowed and edged our entire yard and is willing to do it all summer. I talked to lots of people on the phone all were complementary about Lars and said that there is always next time and that is true.

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