Sunday, January 30, 2005

12th Night

Mood: feel like I'm hung over but I drank nothing but water and a diet coke
Weather: gray but in the 30's I think

The yucky oatmeal was an omen! Lars and I went to a fairly big SCA event, around 200 people, and it was only 45 min away so that was nice. We managed to get lost because the directions were very weird, there were atleast 2 better ways to get there but in the end we got there perfectly on time. Jen got there in good order with her dress and I think she had a decent time. The SCA is really about hanging out and talking so once you get to know more people it's more fun. At some point in the day I started getting a headache, I drank water, I ate lunch but I ended up with a migeraine. I continued to sit through dinner and helped clean up the hall and even went to the after party hoping that a diet coke might fix me up but in the end I just got the feeling I was going to throw up and it was exit stage left. We really did have a good time all day and it just would have been better if I didn't have a throbbing head. Anyway, got home and lay in darkness and today I feel much better just strangely hung over.... I still intend on finishing the floor in the bedroom but I can't say if it will happen.

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