Sunday, January 16, 2005

Cherry cobbler is just cherries in a pan

Weather: -8 but sunny

Yesterday we had a fairly busy day. I did house stuff til 1 and then talked to a friend from home for a while. Konrad and Lars got home and we went out to see Electra. So long as you expect very little from the movie it was ok. 'Good' Comic book characters seem to be really very one dimentional, and/or, have a tormented past. The bad guys always seem to have much cooler powers but are also fairly flat. I suppose the general 12 year old boy doesn't care. Anyway, rating this movie with it's super hero movie peers it is second to last. Last is the Hulk, then this, and the scale moves up from there. My top 3 are the X-Men, then Spider man, then Dare Devil ~ they at least have cool enough stories to move a movie... Anyway... We went out to eat then we went over to the neighbors with a cherry cobbler I made.

Side note and link to the title; The cobbler was very tasty and easy to make but I think it was really strange that all it contains is a can of cherries dumped in a glass pie dish with crumble topping on top! I always thought there was a bottom crust or something else but a pile of cherries is still very tasty.

We all played Texas Holdem poker and I didn't win one hand but thats ok, I just had bad cards. At midnight I left them all and went to bed - nice that they are just across the street- and Lars and Konrad got in at 5 am. The neighbors often stay up really late but I hope they still like us. The reason I know they got home at 5 is they had a loud conversation about how the toilet was about to overflow so I stayed asleep and figured they would deal with it. I don't see any disaster so it must have been ok.

Today I am going to FINALLY finish the closet and hopefully get Lars' stuff put away. At this point I need to post a pic to show what I've been working on!

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