Monday, January 10, 2005

To work or not to work

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Weather: gray with a hint of blue

I gave notice this morning and it went well. My current supervisor is a good ole boy and is more or less expecting it so no dramatics. I also spent 45min going over what I do (sadly he didn't have a clue but he has only 'managed' me for 2 weeks). I have a bunch of my regular Monday stuff to do but then I need to make the decision; do I work hard to make lists and directions so my job will be easy to move and do as much as possible before I go OR do the min necessary to finish my normal weeks work and then let them deal with the rest. It is a bit disheartening that there really isn't a person taking over, my duties will be either taken by one of the people still here or just plain old not done. I would be more inclined to do really good work if I knew it would carry on but I'm betting that it won't. I'll give it some thought... Obviously I'm not working now...

Flooring update - we are one box short!!! Actually we are about 4 boards short but you can't just get 4. The room is actually bigger then the measurements the previous owners gave me. Nice in general to have a bigger room but not when you are shipping flooring cross country. Oh well, Lars tries to remind me that it is a marathon not a sprint.

New craft that worked- I'm in an anti clutter kick and Jo-Anns had that 50% off sale so I got fancy boxes of various sizes. The cool craft is; get a box probably intended for a wine bottle and drill a hole in the back, I put the power strip I plug all the chargers into in it and plugged the box in. Now I have a nice decorative box that contains all the random chargers so they aren't a spaghetti mess all over the counter. The box is big enough to fit the phones and camera too for when they are charging. I did a similar thing in the bathroom with a smaller box for Lars' electric trimmer and razor (2 chargers). Now the chargers and their cords are nice and neat in a little box. I know I'm a geek to be happy over putting things in neat boxes but it really does add something to the room to see a pretty box rather then a mess.

ok, I will now work - some at least

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