Monday, January 17, 2005

Warning- posts might be shorter/fewer then average

Mood: good but tired
Weather: still super cold

First day at a new job is always interesting. I spent half the day getting the paperwork and ID stuff settled then I spent the rest of the day with a woman I'll be working with. The thing about hanging out with her is that she doesn't do the same job as what I'll be doing at all so I really want to move on but the boss and some of the buyers are in Amsterdam. I have a feeling this job involves more travel then I expected.

I am counting the days that they move to the new facility because the place I'm sitting right now is a hole. Actually a hole would be warmer. I can't complain much because I spent most of the day at another desk but my official seat is in a storage area with about 8 engineers from a different project team. It is dark and the only heat is from space heaters. I have a desk but that is a generous description of the surface I put the computer on. I don't have any walls nor do I think the new facility will have real cubes... Everything is very open so there goes my random posting for a while until I find out the ropes.

internet security is super tight too- I can't check any of my outside e-mail and I haven't experimented with many sites yet since I was with people all day except for 5 min. MSN messenger works so I still have my life line but I can only use the internet version. Oh well, in general, not a bad first day.

Konrad and Lars are at practice so this is my only computer time - thats the other reason for the fewer post warning. We have an extra computer but it is having troubles so mine is being used by Konrad so he and Lars can play. Anytime they aren't playing we are all likely to be out or I'm sleeping so I only get a little time a day. It's ok, I'm glad they have fun and I have plenty of house stuff to keep me busy.

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