Saturday, January 15, 2005

Blogger rejected me yesterday

Mood: good
Weather: clear and sunny but -15

I wrote a looong narrative of my day of wasted time yesterday but in suit with the rest of the day, the 20 min typing turned out to be a waste of time because Blogger had error after error and nothing got published. In short, yesterday I had a drug test at 8:30am about 45 min away and at noon I needed to pick up Lars' friend Konrad at the airport - same direction as the apt but 20min further south east - so I obviously didn't want to go home inbetween. It was 4 hours where I killed time by grocery shopping with grandma's with babies, looking at various stores, waiting for an eyebrow apt and the woman never showed up so I left, talking on my cell phone in the car (coicendently melting the icecream in the grocery bag b/c I had the heat on... Wasn't quite thinking) and taking the senic route to the airport (ie slightly lost). In the end I was perfectly on time for the flight but it was not on time for me - 50min delay - so I found another salon, achieved pretty eyebrows, and shopped a dollar store. On a scale of 1-10 this dollar store was a 1, they really are usually so cool.... Anyway, I got Konrad, got home, visited with K while the guys worked out, and had a nice dinner. All in all not the worst way to spend my last free Friday but I would have liked to get a little more done!

today's plans are up in the air... All the guys want to see Electra and I want to start some garb or clean some~ We will see what happens.

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