Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Getting back on track

Mood: very good
Weather: something like 20 again

For the last few weeks I have 'fell off the wagon' of exercise. I actually have done Pilates a few times and run a few times but not enough times to make up for the massive amounts of food I seem to want. I have eaten a bunch of brownies, tons of snacks at the tastefully simple party (was fun and tasty) last night, candy left over from Christmas... I suppose that the fact that there is STILL leftover candy from Christmas is a good sign since it must mean I didn't eat it all quickly, more a slow snacking habit. Anyway, tonight I managed to run a few miles in the snow so I think that counts as further - I ran on clean pavement for about 400 yards and felt like I was flying. Lars called and said he was bringing home sushi so I'm waiting for sushi and not eating cookies. I have also updated my friends wedding guest list and done some work (work laptop at home) so I'm more or less productive. Our last batch of flooring arrived today so there is a light at the end of the bedroom project!!!

Hello to my new reader... and to 8k and family, now 6 people read me :) 8K I add links to the blogs I read then I use those links to read them, that might be why it looks like so many people come from my site to yours.


EowynsParlour said...

Alright woman, how do I get the pretty picture in? Learn me oh wisest of ones.

Kate said...

Picture in the messages I can show you, adding it to the background I can't - that was just the template I choose :)