Monday, January 03, 2005

Monday off!

Mood: listless
Weather: might get sunny

I have today off!!! I should be more cheerful but I think the marathon cleaning we did yesterday has me aching. Sadly, the house I'm sitting in STILL needs cleaning~ We went back to the apt and got the remainder of our stuff and filled in holes and cleaned. I scrubbed so hard I don't' think I need an arm workout until next week. Part of my listlessness is probably due to odd eating schedule and not doing my regular exercising. You know I'm not sitting around eating bonbons but I think my body is used to getting it's run or two a week and 2 pilates. Maybe I'll do it today :)

Yesterday, after cleaning and hauling the stuff home, we went to IKEA because our chairs have been condemned. They haven't actually hurt anyone yet but I have them held together with packing tape, and they were free, and we got them 4 years ago, and when we got them they belonged to a little old lady so I'm sure they are twice my age, AND they have now moved 5 times so they are going to chair heaven. So we went to get 4 cheap chairs and we came home with 4 more expensive chairs, a pants rack (a prayer that clean cloths will keep off the floor), a cool mirror, a cake stand (mine broke) and 99 cent Christmas ornaments. There is soooooooo much more we could have gotten there but we must see how house bills compare to apt bills before we look at disposable income.

We did not get any flooring on the floor past the cork layer. We were too pooped after cleaning and shopping plus our neighbors called and asked us over to play cards. Lars says we are like the sims, trying to maintain 10 friendships at a time. We like our neighbors, we have east coast friends we try and keep in touch, family, local SCA friends and local good friends~ we are regular socialites at the moment.

Ok, goals for the day are assemble the chairs and make our walk in closet a closet, not just storage. I also may have a friend coming over to see the house so I will put on the good PJ's and try and neaten up.

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