Friday, January 14, 2005

For my last free Friday I was very busy killing time more or less. I had an 8:30 am drug test for the new job that was 45 min away and I had to get Konrad at the airport at 12 so it isn't worth going home inbetween so I figured I would grocery shop etc. I got to the testing facility and it is in the absolute getto of MN. You don't think it exists but this place is a strange mix of the Bronx and west VA, everything is dirty and falling down and scary looking dumb people are everywhere. I take the test because I have to but there isn't a chance in the world I am grocery shopping there. I set out to find civilization and get to an area I know and found one. I discovered that the only people shopping at 9am on a Friday morning are grandmas with babies but it was basically the fastest I have ever gotten through a grocery store ever. I was counting on killing an hour shopping and it only took 20min.... I wandered through some other stores, not many things are open at 9:30, so I went in search of an eyebrow wax. One store said there person would be there in 5 min so I wandered around the rest of the store (Ulta) and after examining basically everything, even the dull stuff, she hadn't turned up so I got bored of waiting and realized I had only killed 30 more min. I ended up talking to Konrads fiance on the phone in the parking lot. I finally figured it was time to go to the airport and that was no problem but after cruising around the loop for 10 min I called his fiance again and found out he was 50 min delayed. I went on a search for coffee and found a salon so I got the eyebrow wax I wanted before but at that point I wanted coffee more... It was 12:45 and I had yet to have any~ Still needed to waste some time so a perusal of a very sad family store yielded one set of tongs (new favorite kitchen utensil, great for flipping meat on a George Forman grill) but nothing else merited purchase. Sadly disappointing for a dollar store, they are usually very fun. Finally, Konrad calls and I collect him and by the time we get to the house and unpack the groceries and give Konrad the tour it's practically 4 o'clock! I have piddled away a day and all I have to show is a house guest, melty groceries, and nice eyebrows. The ironic thing about melty groceries is that is was -20 here today but since I was in the car so much they defrosted... Ok - enough rambling - dinner is just about ready.

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