Wednesday, January 05, 2005

I am not a toothpick

Never have I been described as a toothpick. I am reasonably thin, more or less your average size 6 and I do my best to work out in order to be toned. Anyway, this seems to be an issue in the bridal industry. Not an issue for wedding dresses, I was more or less off the rack so I should count my blessings but my dear friend who has two larger then me bridesmaids choose a mother of the bride dress (rather then a bridesmaids dress) that does not come in my size... It comes in many sizes larger and thats good because you can't make a dress bigger - I will now (since I verified that size 6 does not exist) make my dress smaller. I am in possession of a size 8 and it resembles a fancy sack so I will do my best. Oh, there are actually smaller sizes but all in petite sizes so midgets are allowed to be thin, tall people must be size 8 (and I'm talking a generous 8) or bigger.

I need to unpack the sewing machine....

Ps. I never thought there would be a day I would be too small for something

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