Wednesday, January 05, 2005

An ode to boredom

I'm bored bored bored bored... Work is dull, weather is gray, I can't leave, and it is too quiet for me to call anyone because some people actually are here. I have read every blog, talked to everyone I like on-line, did all the work I needed to do, did my nails (just filing, can't do polish at work because of the smell), read the news, and now I am writing in the blog again.

Tonight I'm going to a local SCA meeting, I don't normally go but a friend wants to join and I'm not going to send her alone. That is why I must wait here because the alternative is sitting in my car outside her apartment and it is atleast bright in here. I got a new free calendar today, it ironically is all dull fish. I am serious, very dull monotone ugly fish - not a bright color in the bunch. I'm not putting it up~ hopefully I will not be here long enough to need 2005.

I am very glad this is a 3 day week, long days but only 3 of them. Oh, we have a plan to get the cabinet home. I'm still slightly mad it won't fit in the car but Lars will borrow a friends truck after work (friend lives near us), he will drive here, we will load it, and I will follow him home. He will then appreciate the drive I make twice a day ;)

five to five o'clock - I believe I will sit and read my book. I'm on a new one called the Wings of Morning and so far is it good but very sad. It is about a Scottish island where a large percentage of the babies die within 8 days of being born so thats the sad part. I hope it gets better over time.

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