Monday, January 03, 2005


Dead mouse on the stairs! It is actually a cute little thing except for being dead on my stairs. Neither of the cats is interested in it so I can conclude that either cats don't care to brag or neither one killed it and it had a heart attack on the floor. So the body is in a baggy but I'm not sure what to do next... Trash day isn't for a week and if I throw it over our fence that is a neighbors yard. Maybe I will drive it to a convience store and dump it in there trash, they empty them daily.

morbid details; the small mouse appears to be in good health (plump) and apx 2 inches long. There appeared to be a puncture wound where I would assume a heart would be but no excessive mutilation. He was not yet stiff and I didn't touch him to know if he was cold.

I hope his friends take this as a warning if they live in our house and move it back out to the trees.

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