Tuesday, October 10, 2006


Short week for me since I 'didn't work' yesterday so I'm playing catch up.  Funny thing is I worked on Friday and Monday and if I had not I would not be able to catch up by next week with all the issues going on.  


The wedding was nice.  The best part was seeing a friend actually get married, I felt like I was watching the season finale on a tv show.   Seeing everyone all together was nice too although if I had visited on a non wedding weekend it would have been less busy and stressful but on the other hand I saw people I would not normal see when I visit so you win some you loose some.   This was also the first wedding that I have attended that I was not a part of in some way;  Sister 2 had an at home wedding and all hands on deck and I was the witness, friends B&L in Pa I was in the wedding, helped plan with her since I lived close, I did the bouquets and on the day of I did all the little things she needed because her MoH was her sister who was taking care of parents and family.   H&K's wedding I was less involved but I listened and helped where I could plus I was in the wedding as MoH and the team of brides maids kept the schedule going that day so we were all really involved.   The other weddings that have happened that I was not involved with I didn't go to...  so anyway, this was a new experience and it was definitely different then any of the others.


After the wedding I got bad news that a good SCA friend suddenly died.  He has been around since I was very little and always treated us like adults.   The entire situation is not good, mostly because it is so sudden and he left a lot of loose ends.  I feel bad for the people he left behind but he was one that would not have wanted to degrade over time but I'm sure he thought explosions would have been part of his final demise...


The rest of the week is the normal amount of busy.  Homework, Class, SCA event on Sat that I think we are leaving early early Sat for so hopefully work will not overflow too badly into real life and I can do what I need to do plus exercise and possibly laundry this week.


Only plans for this week in household work is planting bulbs, we had our first hard frost.

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