Saturday, October 07, 2006


This is an official apology to anyone in the NY NJ area that I did not visit or call when in the area. I came for a wedding but the bigger reason was to see family and friends in Sayville and to possibly get away from work for a long weekend.

My two cute little nephews are in town too so I have had plenty of quality time. I have see little B eat/attempt to eat; napkins, magazine, catfood, Styrofoam and a PC. Nothing got eaten other then food but he likes to try everything. T's favorite word is "no". He doesn't even mean it most of the time but he says it a lot. We are all part time moms for the weekend and it has been fun.

Since 90% of the people who read this are in the same house as me, there is not too much reason to write more.... but for posterity sake, the best phrase of the weekend is "Please don't touch my food, I don't know where you have been"


Anonymous said...

Ha! I am part of the other 10%!

inanecrap said...

While it's not my usual practice to post randomly on other people's blogs, I was doing a search on posts for Sayville and was surprised to find someone I actually sorta knew back in the day. Funny, that.