Wednesday, October 18, 2006

So,  anyone want to know about contract law?  I'm not an expert but I've briefed 33 cases so far and defined 161 words/concepts.  I've been doing this for 10 hours over the past two evenings and I'm going to sink 2 more today into the last two chapters.   It is interesting so I'm not really complaining but it really does eat up a lot of time. The only perk to studying is that Lars will do most things I ask because I'm buried under the laptop, three text books, and a notebook.   Last night he brought dinner, milk, 2 glasses of water, and a small bowel of ice-cream.  He also took most of the dishes away too J  I appreciate his help, he even turned the sound down on his game and when I quit for the night at 11 he came and watched tv with me.


Speaking of tv, a lot of shows we liked last year seem to be gone.  Anyone know the fate of Medium?   Or Joey?  The Apprentice?  I think there are others but they are not coming to mind.   It might just be my direct tv box, it is inferior to Tivo.  It can't figure out alternate channels or times for things and it also won't tape a 2 hour premier, it cuts off after the standard show length.  It is also much much slower to move between screens when programming and it is really hard to FF and stop on time.  On the list of things to do is change from direct tv to cable and get a real Tivo.


Back to work and at lunch I'm studying so this might be it for today...

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