Monday, October 16, 2006


I woke up for my normal 7am conference call to be the only one for the first 10 min.   Eventually someone else from the workplace called in too but without the supplier it really did not do much good.  On the positive side my normally 3 hour staff meeting was cut to one hour because of a schedule conflict for our director so I have more actual work time today.  


Apparently gardening is exercise because a whole bunch of muscles feel worked out.  Nothing actually hurts but I'm glad I didn't waste time on a traditional workout yesterday.  Last night/this morning it poured rain so my grubs should be extra dead and the bone meal I sprinkled in there will be dispersed nicely.   The rain is a setback in my leaf clearing task.  I bought a leaf vacuum that mulches on sale at Menards and I was hoping to use it this afternoon but I don't think wet leaves would mulch too well.   We only have two tiny trees on our property but our neighbor to the left lives in a forest and due to some unfavorable winds, all their dead leaves are in our backyard.   For a while I thought about throwing them all over the fence again but I think that would take as much efforts as removing and disposing of them properly. 


I also bought all the plastic for windows so that is now a project for this week.  Maybe I'll study one chapter, plastic one window, study next chapter etc.  It is an open resource exam, the only things we can't do is call a real lawyer or talk to each other so studying will mostly mean making concise reference cards so I can access the info fast.   We can also type our test so that is way easier then having good handwriting for three hours or avoiding words I don't know how to spell. 


Last, another SCA person died suddenly, Baron Sir Tristen (east).  He was never my favorite person but he was always a good guy to Lars and Bloodguard and I think he did his best.   I still feel worse and more connected to Wolf but this is sad and sudden too.

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