Sunday, October 15, 2006

Good Crown News

It was a not so bad 4 hour drive there and back yesterday. The event site had a big snow storm the night before so I'm glad we missed that but all the streetsigns were covered in snow from the direction we were driving so I sat backward (I wasn't driving) to read signs as we passed them.

The site was a good size, the changing rooms were locker rooms so that was good too. All my friends were nervous and I got some second hand nerves from them too. Finally at the end of the 3 hour (felt like 10) tournment Hroder won for Giulia!!! People kept asking if it was my turn to be her chamberlain, since she was mine, but nope - Sb is doing it and I am company and friend. I'm sure I'll be pitching in plenty since Sb needs to finish constructing her house soon.

Today the weather is nice so I am off to plant tulips and crocus and trim some trees. Then I will be studying for a midterm.

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